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Do Zen and Get Off Drugs

Do Zen and Get Off Drugs

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Published by Anthony Fejfar
This Article asserts that if you do Zen Meditation you will be happier and it will help you to get off drugs.
This Article asserts that if you do Zen Meditation you will be happier and it will help you to get off drugs.

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Published by: Anthony Fejfar on Dec 11, 2009
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Do Zen and Get Off Drugs By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2009 by Anthony J.

Fejfar When a person does drugs it is usually to escape mundane reality. However, you can do this by doing Zen Meditation and it is a lot cheaper and is not illegal. In Zen you begin to shift your consciousness into a more “go with the flow” mode, and you also learn to block out unwanted thoughts. When you are in a “go with the flow” mode you

experience a sense of Well Being, as well as a certain sense of Spiritual Peace. In other words, Zen makes you feel good. In part, Zen does this by helping you to access your Right Hemisphere to some degree, so that you are not just caught up in a dominantly analytic mode. Zen Rocks. Also with Zen, you begin to think more clearly. With Zen The following Zen Koan illustrates this:

Realism you begin to know reality better. First I saw the rock. Then, the rock vanishes. Then, I knew the rock.

What this means is that first you had mundane, limited, sense experience of the rock. Then, you discovered hermeneutics and you discovered that the rock, in part, is a psychological construction that is culturally relative. Finally, you begin to develop Intuition and you become One with the rock. You know the rock through Experience, Understanding, and Intuition. As Bergson puts it, as a result of Intellectual Sympathy, you become One with the rock through Intuition which is not mediated by thought and conceptual categories.

and soon get information that is not available through mere mundane means. This is where you Intuition is developed so much that you begin to Intuit Being. with Zen. or Satori. you begin to experience Insight. Metaphysically. .Finally.

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