Example Progress Report

MediaExperts.com University Road Leicester LE1 7RJ
Weekly Progress Report – Monday 7th December 2009 Project: Leicester City Football Club Shop John Smith John Smith

Project Manager: Developer:

Progress report Distribution list: Peter Tomlinson (Client) Marketing Director LCFC Edna Brown (User) Shop manager Nigel Evans (Consultant) football coach Mandeep Singh (Peer reviewer)

Current Phase of Project:

Implementation (Prototyping)

Project plan progress for week beginning 30th November 2009:

1. Milestones achieved: Prototype One Completed 2. Task completed the previous week: o Finished the Flash scene for the shop opening hours o Created image of shop location 3. Task behind schedule: Yet to visit the shop and make video of merchandise

Example Progress Report

4. Progress of product development: Flash scene ‘Opening Hours’

5. Deliverables created: Draft user training schedule completed. Draft stand alone instructions for CD ready for target audience feedback (See attached documents Training_Schedule_LCFC.xls and Getting_Started_LCFC.docx), 6. Meetings completed: 3rd Review meeting with client. Minutes attached. Have discussed the progress Peter Tomlinson (Client). He is generally pleased with the Flash presentation but is concerned at the lack of communication of progress on the product by the Project manager. He has requested that a Progress report be sent to him. 7. Summary of communication with stakeholders: • • Client – Held review meeting, see above. Edna Brown (Shop manager) – Have emailed the latest .swf file. She has viewed this via an Internet browser. Generally pleased but has said it might be better if the Football shirts have a large image in the Products page as these are the biggest selling items and should have the most prominence. Nigel Evans – (Coach) Phoned Thursday 3rd December and asked if he could review the presentation to see if it would be useful on his coaching website and if so any changes are made he would like to see the next prototype.

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