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Ex. Gravitation acceleration is a constant: a(x)=32(ft/s^2). Down is the positive direction.

What is the velocity of a falling object ?

v(x) for velocity;
If f(x)=c (constant), Then f'(x)=0
Definition: F is an anti-derivative of f (on a domain D) if F'(x)=f(x) for all x on domain D.
Theorem: If F is an anti-derivative of f on D, then the most general anti-derivative of f on D
is F(x) + c (c is a constant)

General form of an anti-derivative

Sample Anti-derivatives
Only valid on any interval that doesn't contain 0
4.9 Anti-derivatives
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Ex. A particle moves in a straight line with acceleration a(t)=6t+2 (0<t<infinity)
its initial velocity is -5/sec; its initial position is 10cm.
find the position function s(t).
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Ex. Find f(x), if f"(x)=cosx
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