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01_AN01- America's Beginnings Up to 1783

Do Now: TBA

FQ: How did conditions in the Western and Eastern hemispheres contribute to an eventual
'Collision' of three worlds starting in 1492?

I. "1492, Columbus Sails the Ocean Blue": Native America + West Africa + Western Europe
proceed on a collision course resulting in a major shift in human historical development.

II. Native America
A. Populating the Americas via the Berings Strait land bridge. ~40,000 BP.
B. Inhabit a diverse terrain. Adaptations lead to a variety of cultures. A few are...
1. Plains: Lakota Sioux
2. Woodlands: Iroquois
3. Central Mexican Valley: Mexica (Aztec)
4. Yucatan Peninsula: Maya
5. Mississippi River Valley: Mound Builders (Mississippian Culture)
III. West Africa
A. Songhai: West African Trading Empire
1. High population Density
2. Wealth accumulated via trade (Ex. Gold - Salt)
B. Trans-Saharan Caravan Trade: Feeds the accumulation of wealth and knowledge.
Cultural diffusion is powerful influencer.

IV. Europe
A. Renaissance
1. Intellectual Revolution- "Asking the tough questions"
2. Political Revolution- The birth of the "Nation-State" and modern political
3. Religious Revolution- Protestant Reformation, Catholic Reformation.
4. Commerical Revolution- Inter-Oceanic Travel (Columbus, DaGama), Birth of
Pre-modern Capitalism -> Mercantilism.