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Good For Business

I made millions when I acquired the entire

World Trade Center
On July 24, 2001
Then too out an insurance plan co!erin"
a terrorist
I pushed $or war in Iraq on the %ac
o$ the &'11 terror
#nd made ()&*+ %illion in "o!ernment contracts
$or my company
I held a press con$erence on 10 -eptem%er, 2001
to disclose that (2*) trillion
In .enta"on $unds
Could not %e accounted $or
Then arran"ed $or a missile to strie the /ud"et
#nalyst O$$ice
The $ollowin" day
&'11 wasn0t 1ust "ood $or main"
It was also "ood $or %usiness, too
2on0t let the dust settle in your eyes
3et the $acts on &'11
4ollow the money, and disco!er what really
On the day #merica was attaced
#nd learn $rom the experts, 1ust how
easy it is
To $ix thin"s to your ad!anta"e
With special acnowled"ement to all those who pro!ided the ima"es*
5o copyri"ht in$rin"ement intended*
6usic credit7 The 6anurph %y .aul ,ar%or
6ie 2a!ies 11
-eptem%er, 2014
4or more lie this please !isit7