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1. Which brand of Titan watches do you possess ?

a) Titan
b) Fastrack
b) Sonata
c) Raga
d) Nebula
e) thers! please specify""""""""""".
#. Since how $any $onths % years ha&e you been using Titan watch?
'. Why do you prefer Titan brand?
a) (ttracti&e designs!
b) Reasonable price
c) )rand i$age
d) *ood +uality
,. -o you re$e$ber the original tagline of Titan watches? .f yes! please $ention.
/. 0a&e you seen the ad&ertise$ent of Titan watches?
a) 1es b) No
2. .n which $edia ha&e you seen the ad&ertise$ent?
a) T3
b) Newspaper
c) 4aga5ines
d) 0oardings
e) Radio
6. Who is the brand a$bassador of Titan watches?
7. (re you aware of the new tagline of Titan?
8. 0ow do you rate the new designs of Titan?
a) 9oor
b) (&erage
c) (bo&e (&erage
d) *ood
e) :;cellent
1<. 0a&e you seen the new ca$paign of Titan?
a) 1es b) No
11. -o you think the new ad&ertise$ent is effecti&e in inspiring consu$ers to ha&e a new
look e&eryday and be $ore in li&es?
a) Not at all effecti&e
b) :ffecti&e
c) 0ighly effecti&e
1#. 0ow do you rate Titan=s e;clusi&e showroo$s with respect to the following>
?1@9oor! #A(&erage! 'A(bo&e (&erage! ,A*ood! /A:;cellent)
a) ($bience A
b) Sales personnel A
c) (fter sales ser&ice A
d) -isplay of watches A
e) &erall showroo$ A
1'. What suggestions would you like to gi&e to i$pro&e Titan=s brand i$age a$ong