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World Cultures

Unit Introduction to Globalization Block:_______
The United Nations
Complete this assignment to gain background knowledge on the United Nations. To begin, open an
Internet browser and navigate to the United Nations home page at
Then, scroll down to the section called The U.N. and, and click on CyberSchoolbus. Read the article
there and respond to the items below:
1. Explain the meaning of the U.N. emblem.
The olive branches represents peace and the world map is the representation of areas where they stress their
concern to show peace and security.
2. How many countries are members of the U.N. today? 192
3. How might you describe the U.N. General Assembly? What happens when it convenes?
They assemble to bring all the nations of the world to work together in peace and harmony.
4. Does the General Assemblys vote matter? Why or why not?
It doesnt matter because their votes arent binding.

5. What is unique about the U.N.s headquarters?
Its unique because the headquarters is held in New York City and they have their own flag, post office, and
postage stamps.
6. What are the main goals of the U.N.?
Keep the peace throughout the world.
Develop friendly relations between nations.
Help people live better lives, eliminate poverty, disease, and illiteracy, to stop environmental
destruction and to encourage respect for others rights and freedom.
Be the center for helping nations achieve those aims.

7. Identify at least two challenges that exist in following the U.N. principles.

U.N. cant interfere with domestic affairs in 1 country.
Must obey the charter

8. What was the League of Nations, and how does it relate to the U.N.?
Was an organization of nations to keep the peace and prevent repetition of any horrors.

9. In what ways was the League of Nations an example of early globalization? Identify at least two.
Communication between all countries.

10. Why did the League of Nations fail? Identify at least two reasons.

Power Struggle.

11. In what year was the U.N. created? 1945. What was happening at that time? WWII

12. How many countries originally joined the U.N.? 51
13. Why might the League of Nations be considered the forerunner of the United Nations?
Because it shaped the United Nations and their goals.

14. What is the U.N.s Security Council, and what countries are involved in it?
The League of Nations transformed into the Security Council.

15. Why might the structure and operation of the Security Council be problematic? In other words,
what principle does it appear to violate? Identify two issues.
Always permanent
Votes are binding.
Go to the BBCs profile on the U.N. at
and scroll down to the Members section.
16. Who is the newest U.N. member, and what noteworthy nations are not members of the U.N.? Why
has U.N. membership grown?

South Sudan is the newest member. The Vatican and Taiwan remain non-members.

17. How is the U.N. funded?
The U.N. charter.

18. The chart below lists the six organizational bodies of the U.N. Complete the chart with information
about their purpose as well as details you find interesting or important. NOTE: Youve already read
a bit about the G.A. and S.C.
Purpose Interesting & Important Facts
General Assembly

General debates once a month. Only deliver statements on their
perspective on world events.
Security Council

The council is to ensure global peace
and security.
5 permanent member and then some
temporary memberships.
Economic and Social
Deals with economic, social,
humanitarian and cultural activities.
Only 54 members.
International Court of
Justice (World Court)
Settle legal disputes submitted by the
Only 15 judges are elected.
All decisions are binding.

Day-to-day work by administrating
programs and policies for the
Over 9,000 members are drawn from
170 countries.
Trusteeship Council

Deals with U.N. trust issues. 5 permanent members and only
meet on occasion.

19. The U.N. also has separate organizations that work to meet its goals. List four different groups or
goals these organizations work to help or promote (NOT the names of the organizations).

International Atomic Energy- Nuclear watch
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia- try those suspected of war.
UB Childrens Fund-promotes child health
UN Development Program- committed to reducing poverty.

20. What is the title of the U.N.s leader, and who currently holds this position? How is this position
used to counterbalance the strength of some U.N. members?

Secretary-General is Ban Ki-moon. They vote on who is going to be in charge and he has been
reelected for a second term.

21. What do you feel is the future of the U.N.? Does it have a place in todays world? Why or why not?
What can it do to improve its position? Write a 5-6 sentence paragraph explaining your views.
I feel the future of the U.N might be needed more now because as technology keeps developing
then so does the equipment to attack other nations. Which means it does have a place in the world
so that they can keep it going to keep the peace around the best that they can. What they can do is
set personal laws and see if they can make more effective laws or even more enforced laws. The
more they enforce their laws the less problems there will be in the world and the less wars and
battle nations will have to battle. The more they keep going we might be able to eventually
eliminate the bad and be all world peace.