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Clearing Rules in FI

Open item Clearing

When clearing open items standard SAP makes balance to zero at business area
and profit center level

A transfer posting is made to make the balance zero

This is true for both manual and automatic clearing

No line items are generated in clearing document if open line items have same
business area and profit center

Clearing rules
To extend this functionality to other BSEG fields use clearing rules

In SPRO Financial Accounting Business Transactions Open Item
clearing Define clearing rules
Transaction code OBIA

Create and name the clearing rule

Select the clearing rule and double-click on clearing rule fields

Clearing rules
In this screen add fields to the clearing rule
Do a F4 to find the list of BSEG fields available, there are 51 BSEG fields
available that can be added

Next step in this process is to add the rule to account type
This is also under Open Item clearing in SPRO Assign clearing rules to
account types
Transaction code OBIB

Clearing rules
Clearing rule can be added to the any or all of the account types that are
available D, K and S

Clearing rules are assigned to account types at client level so each account type
can have only one clearing rule assigned

Adding new fields to clearing rule

If a BSEG field is not available to add to the clearing rule in transaction OBIA, then
manually update the clearing rule table
Clearing rules are stored in table TFAGS
Go to Transaction SM30 for table TFAGS and click Maintain
Since this table is cross-client a warning message is given

In the next screen assign BSEG field to the rule, this new field is going to reflect in
transaction OBIA