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Curso Esencial

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Plantilla del plan de unidad

Autor de la unidad
Nombre y apellido Hilda Leonora Chapman Patterson
Nombre de la institucin educativa Escuela: KUNA NEGA
Ubicacin de la institucin educativa Ciudad de Panam, Ave. ANCN
Otros datos de la institucin educativa
Escuela Primaria, urbana calle principal.
Telfono: 237-17-84

Descripcin de la unidad
Ttulo de la unidad
Exploring the World of the Weather
Resumen de la unidad
Students will be able to:
Learn basic information about weather and the different types of weather.
Learn basics of weather with hands on activities and data investigations.
Learn about different weather topics, conduct experiments, and play games.
Learn how to build their own weather station to record data.
This help the student to cooperative,responsability
The students will able to by responsible for his own project and cooperate building a weather using
the information from the internet, and investigate the different kinds of weather from the city.
In these activities, students practice observation skills and conduct simple experiments to learn
about the properties of weathers and about the effects of on the earth.
Make each student or cooperative group responsible for the answers to the questions and the
accuracy of the instruments that they build.
Espacio/s curricular/es o asignatura/
Ao y nivel
4 Grade.
Tiempo necesario aproximado
Fourth time of forty-five minute each one.
Fundamentos de la unidad
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial

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Concepts: Importance of the Climate, Whether, Season
Procedure: Identifying and naming each climate, Taking care of the Environment for each season and
identifying and naming each climate for specific weather.
Attitude: Being aware of The importance of Preserving nature.
Keeping track of The everyday Weather in each season.
Interacting Classmates Comments and opinions.

Objetivos del aprendizaje
Understand different between climate and weather and the importance of the climate stability for society.

Preguntas orientadoras del plan de unidad
Pregunta esencial
What do you like most?
The Sun or Rain?

Preguntas de unidad

Where does weather come from?

Preguntas de contenido
What are some examples of weather?
Where does weather happen?
How does weather happen?
Is weather always the same?

Plan de evaluacin
Cronograma de evaluaciones
Antes de empezar el trabajo del proyecto Durante el desarrollo
del proyecto
Una vez completado el

Pretest: Find the information here:

Peer Assessment
The Rubric is to
evaluate the final product
and each student has to
create a model with the
station that his or her
decide, explaining the
properties contained in
each season and the
importance in the
Resumen de evaluaciones
Initial assessment:
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial

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Pre Test: used to know how much the student knows of the subject that he will try.
Assessments during project evaluations:

Be used during the development of the project, these tests, collation will be used to measure the progress of
each student in the process of project development, collaborative work, responsibility, using the model, the
content thereof is evaluated.
Allows students to make value judgments itself, encourage constant feedback for him and another person to
improve their learning and their shareholding critically on the construction of learning.

Coe valuation:
The peer assessment allows students and teachers to identify the personal achievements of a bandmate,
encourage participation, reflection, criticism, constructive learning situations to develop attitudes that
orientation integration of the group, the better your responsibility and identification with work and judgment
about others occur in ambient of freedom, commitment, responsibility.

Evaluation upon completion of the project:
Assessment Rubric: This section will give a rating (notes) in the final product is presented for each group of
four students.

Detalles de la unidad
Habilidades previas
Internet Access
Print resources about weather
Pieces of poster board, each with an outline United states, markers
Weather and Climate video.
Anlisis, sntesis y evaluacin de la informacin.
Critical thinking.
Use of TIC.
Analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information.
Creativity and Innovation.
collaborative work
Oral and written expression.
Management overhead.
Handling VCR
Recyclable material.

1. The purpose of this class is getting the students thinking about how the weather, specifically
temperature, is different in other parts of the world. It is highly recommend that students complete
this prior to beginning the next activity.

2. Introduce students to the charts and graphs meteorologists use to compare and analyze weather
data and how to analyze real-time weather data from the internet.
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial

2008 Corporacin Intel. Todos los derechos reservados. Pgina 4 de 6

3. Students will create and compare different kinds of weather and the importance of each one in the
Learn all about how meteorologist predicts the weather. Using photographs and weather map.

4. Students will investigate about the topic given.

5. Students will: Undertake brainstorming on the topic, gather information so that everyone could
use in their investigation

6. Students will: Formed four team mates, using the technique of numbering as follows: each student
in the group says in a loud, voice consecutive numbers from one to seven (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ...) at
the end each student will have an assigned number, getting together for teamwork all one, all the
two, all tree ... so as to form seven teams of four students each.

7. Students will: Each team talks and share information gathered in its investigation.

8. Students will: Open a notebook and put his arguments about ideas written order where their input
on the computer and create an idea in common.

9. Students will: Build document collaboratively and respecting the contribution of each group

10. Students Will: Each team talk and share information collected on your investigation.

11. Students will: work in a team work applied a survey of their peers (other 100 levels), on the

12. Students will: With the result of the poll will decide which to choose and climate resources to be

13. Students will: Work with the help of the teacher in the classroom by using the sheets and graphs,

14. Students will: know the surroundings and the different climates in the world, and each team must
explain their product forma collaboratively and accurately. Show the class a video about the program
that is available in the Welcome to GLOBE panel on
the right side of the website .

Adaptaciones curriculares
Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial

2008 Corporacin Intel. Todos los derechos reservados. Pgina 5 de 6

Estudiante con

Slow learning
More support for the student
Adequacy of lead time (longer give support)
Support and personalized follow
Support the teaching of students with special needs.
Fluid communication with the parents.


Use of bilingual pairs
Illustrated using text.
Bilingual dictionaries, translation tools.
Tutorials in him language.


Extension activities:
Activities necessary to enhance the possibilities of learning styles.
Increase the objectives of vertical, horizontal extension learning.
Assume the role of tutors to facilitate collaborative learning among

Materiales y recursos necesarios para la unidad
Tecnologa Hardware (equipo necesario)

Cmara digital
Reproductor de DVD
Conexin a Internet
Disco lser
Sistema de
Cmara de vdeo
Equipo de vdeo conferencia
Tecnologa Software (necesario)

Base de datos/Hoja de clculo
Diagramador de publicaciones
Programa de correo electrnico
Enciclopedia en CD-ROM
Editor de imgenes
Buscador Web

Desarrollo de pginas web
Procesador de texto
material reciclable (Plaste, Wood
Paper etc..)
Materiales impresos
Textbook Time for learning ,Bibliograpy ADAAMS, M. J. Beginning to Read.
Cambridge, 1990. ARAUND, P. & Bejoint, H, Vocabulary And Applied
Linguistics. London, Macmillan, 1992.

Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial

2008 Corporacin Intel. Todos los derechos reservados. Pgina 6 de 6

Bring recyclable items to work in the unity.
Does not include items used daily in class.

Recursos de Internet
Otros Recursos
Students will recognize in their community how the weather affects their

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