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Paragraph Main Idea Statements in Textbook

Paragraph # Main Idea Statement

Climates and
p. 383-384
pp. 384-385
p. 405
p. 406
The Shrinking
Aral Sea
p. 407
Main Idea Summaries: Geography Textbook 17.1 and 18.1
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Tips for finding main idea: 1) Look for repeated words, 2) look for repeated ideas, and 3) think about the overall gist of the paragraph.
Basically, what is the important point of the paragraph?
Donts: Please, do not begin Main Idea Summary statements with, The main idea is Just make the statement. Also, be careful not to
include small details in your main idea summary. Dont worry; well do the first one together.
2/3s of Russia has a cold, harsh/dry climate with few people living in these areas
Most people live on the European side of Russia because of the mild climate and better soil
The taiga forest (evergreens) is widespread in the north, with steps in the south (food)
Russia has lots of wood from the Taiga as well as Coal, hydroelectricity, natural gas and oil.
Siberia has lots of mineral resources such as gold, diamonds, copper, iron, etc.
Central Asia is mostly Arid and temperatures range from 115F to -36F
The high mountains prevent rainfall
H2O is the most precious resource
Coal, Oil (Caspian Sea) gas, and other minerals are here
Has shrunk 60% since 1960 because H2O has been diverted for irrigation. (cotton)
Water evaporation and pollution from agricultural is a problem. (little Hope)