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Incident Report

Type: MVA
Writer: Steven Verozinis
Date: September 11, 201
!ocation: "ome Depot #ar$in% &ot ' S(rrey, )*+ Store ,-0.
At appro/imet&y 1120, I 1as standin% in 2ront o2 t3e store 13en I 1itnessed a
si&ver pic$ (p tr(c$ reverse into a b&ac$ S4V+ I approac3ed t3e ma&e s(b5ect in
t3e si&ver pic$ (p tr(c$ and in2ormed 3im t3at 3e 3it t3e b&ac$ S4V+ T3e ma&e
s(b5ect con6rmed t3is and &e2t me 3is b(siness card+ I as$ed 3im to 1ait 2or
t3e o1ner o2 t3e b&ac$ S4V b(t 3e to&d me t3at 3e 1as &ate 2or a meetin%+
T3e o1ner o2 t3e )!A*7 S4V arrived 10 min(tes &ater to t3eir ve3ic&e+ I
in2ormed t3em o2 13at 3ad transpired+ T3ey 1ere p&eased t3at I 1as ab&e to
%et t3e in2ormation o2 t3e ot3er driver+ I %ave t3em t3e in2ormation o2 t3e
ot3er driver and I a&so %ave t3em my in2ormation+
Si&ver #ic$ (p tr(c$ ' !icense , 87 090. ' :8RR; *AISSI8 ' .0'<9-'-2==
)&ac$ S4V ' !icense , 09< ' MVD
Re2er to attac3ed p3otos 2or dama%e to )&ac$ S4V
T3ere 1as no dama%e to t3e si&ver pic$ (p tr(c$+
0090 ' >n site+ *3ec$ed in 1it3 M>D #ARM+ :rabbed radio+
000 ' #ar$in% &ot patro&
0000 ' ?o(nd a 2ema&e and ma&e s(b5ect near t3e &oadin% bay doors sco(rin%
2or ci%arette b(tts+ As$ed bot3 partys to vacate t3e area@ t3ey comp&ied and
&e2t 1it3 no iss(es+
0.10 ' #erimeter #atro&
0.0 ' #ar$in% &ot patro&
0-00 ' #ositioned at store 2ront entrance
0-90 ' #ositioned at &oadin% bay doors
0<00 ' #erimeter #atro&
0<90 ' par$in% &ot patro&
0=00 ' 10 min(te brea$ AIn2ormed M>DB
0=10 ' #ositioned at store 2ront entrance
0=0 ' #ar$in% &ot patro&
1010 ' #erimete patro&
1090 ' #ositioned at store 2ront e/it
1110 ' 90 min(te brea$ AIn2ormed M>DB
1120 ' #ositioned at store 2ront entrance 13en I 1itnessed a motor ve3ic&e
accident@ re2er to attac3ed incident report+
1200 ' In oCce 1ritin% incident report
1290 ' #ar$in% &ot patro&
1900 ' #ositioned at store 2ront entrance
1990 ' Si%ned o(t 1it3 M>D+ Ret(rned Radio+ >D d(ty
1990 ' >D site+