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I wish that those who are in need would make use of these Mantras and get health

1. Mantra to cure skin deceases. (Skin deceases and severe eye ailments are a re
sult of Sarpa/naga doshas)
Om Hraam Hreem Hoom Soorya Naagaaya Uttarajaaya Phat
2. Mantra to cure back pain, joint paints, sprains etc... Mantra Siddi can be ac
hieved by chanting it just for 1008 times.
Om Hreem Sarpa, Sarpasarpa, divya sarpa, gagana sarpa, gandharva sarpa, kanaka s
arpa, karunya sarpa, mantra sarpa, mahaa sarpa, peeda nivaranam kuru, Vedha niva
ranam kuru, kurukuru khsemam seegram kuru kuru. Om samasta sarpa devatabhyo nama
3. When one encounters a Snake, chant this mantra out and it will move away from
Sarpa Sarpa maha sarpa gaccha sarpa mahaa visha
janamejayasya yagynante aasteeka vachanam smara
There are several other mantras like Naagastra, naga bhairava, naga kali, naga g
andharva, naga mohini, manasa, visha nivarana mantras, various naga gayatri mant
ras etc...
But as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I cannot post them on the web.
I'm sure these mantras are not posted in any website so far but very soon will b
e copy n pasted into many other websites that make business.