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HRHS Parents,

Most of you know that we are in the middle of homecoming week where students are enjoying a
multitude of events designed to promote school spirit and unity. The culminating event is our
Homecoming Dance on Saturday night. We always have a goal to promote safe and alcohol/drug free
activities at our school. Alcohol violations at past dances have had a significant negative impact on
students including suspensions and/or expulsions from school for up to a year, and law enforcement
contact resulting in involvement with the court system. Underage drinking is illegal, disruptive to
school events, and we are fearful that at some point it could impact safety of all students who attend a

While we believe that the problem is limited in scope, and that the vast majority of HRHS students do
not engage in this behavior, we have decided to administer a passive breathalyzer test to every student
who attends future dances at HRHS. We will have a process in place that will make entry to the dance
move quickly, and that will screen each student for the presence of alcohol. In addition, we will look for
signs of drug use with an emphasis on marijuana. Mountain Vista High School successfully instituted
passive breathalyzer tests 4 years ago and continues to use them at all of their dances.

We will be sharing this information with our students today, Wednesday, September 10, so that they are
informed in advance of the event. It is our expectation that this will help eliminate alcohol use at our
dances. Our intention is not to catch students involved in alcohol or drugs, but to prevent usage before
an event.

We hope you will join with HRHS student leaders, parents, and staff in sending a unified and strong
message to our students that use of alcohol/drugs is unacceptable. Students can have a great time at a
school dance by making the safest and best choice to remain drug and alcohol free.

Thank You for Your Support,

Jerry Goings