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Handicrafts Industry in

An Integral Part of Indian Economy..
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By: Priyanshu Shrivastava
Strengths of Indian Handicrafts Industry
Large, diversified and potential market.
There is large product variety and range is available because of diversified
It has strong, diversified and supportive retail infrastructure.
Diversified product range that service different market.
Cheap labor rates that result to competitive price.
Need lo capital investment.
There is fle!ible production fle!ibility.
Lo barriers of ne entry.
Critical Success Factors of Indian
Handicrafts Industry
"asy creation and development of production centers.
There is no need for macro#investment.
Industry provides potential sources of employment.
$roducts are high value added, and handicrafts have various applications.
It is the potential source of foreign revenue because of higher e!port.
Weaknesses of Indian Handicrafts Industry
Lack of infrastructure and communication facilities.
%naareness about international re&uirements and market.
Lack of co#ordination beteen government bodies and private players.
Inade&uate information of ne technology.
Inade&uate information of current market trends.
Less interest of young people in craft industry.
Lack of skilled labor.
'till confined to rural areas and small cities and untapped market.
Lack of promotion of products.
Opportunities in Indian Handicrafts
(ising demand for handicraft products in developed countries such as
%'), Canada, *ritain, +rance, ,ermany, Italy etc.
Developing fashion industry re&uires handicrafts products.
Development of sectors like (etail, (eal "state that offers great
re&uirements of handicrafts products.
Development of domestic and international tourism sector.
e#Commerce and Internet are emerged as promissory distribution channels
to market and sell the craft products.
Threats for Indian Handicrafts Industry
Competition in domestic market.
*alance beteen high demand and supply.
-uality products produced by competing countries like China, 'outh
*etter Trade terms offered by competing countries.
Increased and better technological support and (.D facility in competing
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