Rapidsoft Technologies stood 6th for Blackberry Application Development

Rapidsoft Technologies, one of the leading Blackberry solution providers achieved the 6th position among the top 10 Blackberry Development Companies. The report is issued by www.bestwebdesigncompanies.com in December 2009. This rank recognizes that Rapidsoft Technologies’s expertise in Blackberry Development solutions and its consistent ability to deliver high quality solution to their clients.

The ranking was judged by www.best webdesigncom panies.com , t he independent aut horit y on web design agencies. The com paring process was conduct ed on t he basis of overall scoring in Developm ent qualit y, Design Qualit y, Cust om er Support , Speed, and Bug t est ing et c. Rapidsoft Technologies has scored 90% over all

About Rapidsoft Technologies: Rapidsoft Technologies is an offshore custom development company in India and is a one of the market leaders in Blackberry Application Solutions. They also offer custom software services and solutions for mobile and web and enterprise level solutions. To know more about Rapidsoft Technologies, one can drop an e-mail to info@rapidsoft.co.in. To talk about your requirement and how you can boost your business, email sales@rapidsoft.co.in or call +91 987 366

For m ore inform at ion m ore about t he upcom ing t hings from Rapidsoft Technologies, visit ht t p://www.rapidsoft t echnologies.com /m obile-soft ware or cont act t he below m ent ioned address: RapidSoft Technologies F-27, First Floor, Peach Tree Com plex, Sushant Lok Phase - 1 Gurgaon – 122001 India Ca ll u s: + 91 124 426 1921, + 1 609 423 0805 Fa x: + 91 124 426 1923

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