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Mother’s Agenda Vol. 1 Institut de Recherches Evolutives 142 Blvd

Mother’s Agenda Vol. 1 Institut de Recherches Evolutives 142 Blvd

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Published by: shit on Dec 11, 2009
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When I am not in my body, I have all kinds of contacts with people, contacts
of different types. And it’s not a thing decided in advance, it is not willed, it is not
even thought out; it is simply ... observed.
Certain relationships are entirely within me, entirely. It is not a relationship
between individuals, but a relationship between states of being – which means that
with the same individual there may be many different relationships. If it were a
single whole ... but I am still not sure if there is a single person with whom the
relationship is global.
So there are parts which are entirely within me, entirely – there is no
difference; they are myself. There are other parts with which I am conscious of an
exchange – a very familiar, very intimate exchange. And there are parts outside of
me with which I still have relationships, not exactly as with strangers but merely
as acquaintances; it is still necessary to observe their reactions in order to do the
correct thing. And the ratio between these different parts is naturally different
depending upon the different individuals.
1. Note written by Mother in French. The heading is hers.



(The disciple complains of his difficulties)

Difficulties are sent to us exclusively to make the realization more perfect.
Each time we try to realize something and we encounter a resistance or an
obstacle, or even a failure – what appears to be a failure – we should know, we
should NEVER forget, that it is exclusively, absolutely, to make the realization
more perfect.

So this habit of cringing, of being discouraged or even feeling ill at ease or
abusing oneself, saying, ‘There, I’ve done it again ...’ All this is absolute

Rather, simply say, ‘We do not know how to do things as they should be done,
well then, let them be done for us and come what may!’ If we could only see how
everything that looks like a difficulty, an error, a failure or an obstacle is simply
there to help us make the realization more perfect.
Once we know this, everything becomes easy.

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