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Can the president violate the treaty?

President must faithfully uphold the supreme law (treaty) of the land
President may receive ministers and ambassadors
Inherent nature of executive power
Does president have the power to take an action moving citiens and causing forfeiture of property?
!es" under Dames # $oore%
Can the president dispatch the troops" etc%
Congressional silence in this area" tacit agreement
Delegation under &ar Powers 'ct
Inherent executive function to operate in the international arena" react (uickly to crises
Can president create executive agreement which pledges money to )*?
*o + President can only do this with ,-. senate ma/ority or through normal legislative process
*ormal legislative process not followed for Congressional approval
0cope is broad" exercises congressional powers (spending)" authories deploy of troops" etc%
!es + Dames # $oore" !oungstown 0teel% 1his does not conflict with Congressional record" and
in silence" under balancing and current needs" this may well be necessary%
2ut" congressional 34 dependant on delegating executive enforcement powers to legislative
Can the president spy on 5)* citiens?
amendment" 7
amendment (*o person may be sub/ect to8) Is this reasonable? Does it fall
under warrantless search clauses?
Can the president deport 5)* citiens?
*o9 *aturaliation is an express grant to Congress
Can the documents be protected by the executive privilege?
!es9 :0 v% *ixon gives great deference to president in military" national security and diplomatic
areas% 1his clearly (ualifies b-c of tense international relations with 5)*
*o + &hat is harm of revealing documents? 'fter all" 5)* already knows we;re deporting their
*o + this was not a proper executive action because deportation is a Congressional action%
Constitutionality of the &ar Powers 'ct?
Congress can;t act by silence
0ilence causes legislative action without bicameralism and presentation% Clearly a legislative
action because sending-recalling troops is an article I <= power to begin with%