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Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

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Under the guidance of Prof. Sandhya. Rao. By Shradha Shetty .


 Introduction  scope  Celebrity endorsement  The process  Selection of celebrity  Influence of it on consumer buying  Risk  Returns  Conclusion  bibliography

Advertising in India, started with hawkers. Then Indian advertising got converted into a strategic tool. celebrity

endorsement – tried to benefit from emotional attachment of the fans.

• First add to cash in on star power was Lux soap.

 Today it is a buzzword, It looks that without a

Film or Sports star, companies don't want to give you anything

Use of celebrity advertising is a perceived

winning formula of corporate image building and product marketing
8 out of 10 TV commercials scoring the

highest recall are those with celebrities’ appearances.
Cricketers are set to regain their selling

powers (by sources)

Friedman and Friedman, a “celebrity endorser is an

individual who is known by the public for his or her achievements in areas other than that of the product class endorsed”. McCracken's (1989) "any individual who enjoys public recognition and who uses this recognition on behalf of a consumer good by appearing with it in an advertisement (marcoms), is useful, because when celebrities are depicted in marcoms, they bring their own culturally related meanings, thereto, irrespective of the required promotional role."

It is more of meaning translation & meaning

McCracken, the author to The Meaning Transfer

Model, has suggested that, “The effectiveness of the endorser depends, in part, upon the meaning he or she brings to the endorsement process.”

It is a three stage process Culture : formation of celebrity image Endorsement: meaning from celebrity to

the brand
Consumption: from the brand to the


 They deliver meanings with extra

subtlety, depth and power than anonymous models.

 They offer demographic information

with special precision and configurations of range of personality and lifestyle meanings.

 They evoke the meanings in their

persona with greater vividness and clarity.

marketing / advertising firm at first

should determine the symbolic properties sought for the product.

After considering budget and

availability constraints, the celebrity should be chosen.

The advertisement must be

designed to highlight the essential similarity between the celebrity and the product.

this stage of the model

is most complex, as consumers must claim, exchange, care for and use the consumer goods to appropriate its meanings. role in this stage as they have created their own self, which makes them exemplary and inspirational figure to the consumer.

Celebrities play a major

The selection is in fact a collaboration, from

which both the company and the celebrity gains. There are various scientific ways in which the right celebrity is selected.

 Stereotyping :
• perceptions and depictions of individuals based

on simplistic, biased image of the group to which they belong, rather than on their own individual characteristics.


Expertise: Attractiveness: Respect: Similarity:

 celebrity & audience match up.  celebrity & brand match up.  celebrity credibility.  celebrity attractiveness.  Cost consideration  Likelihood of getting into trouble factor

Advertisements along with other marketing efforts

generate expectations and feelings in a customer.
Celebrities create positive feelings towards brands,

connect user to brand and are perceived by consumers as more entertaining.
Consumers who are particularly knowledgeable

about a product may be less influenced by a celebrity than those with little knowledge.

Risks: Celebrity

overshadows the brand:
Necessary Evil: Celebrity

creditability a question mark for the competent customer:

Conflicting Image:

Influence of Celebrity scandals

and moral violation on brands:

Multiple Endorsement:

 Returns

 Build Awareness:  Connects Emotionally:  Quick Connect:  Means of Brand different ion:  Source of Imitation and hence inducing increased

product usage:

 Better Brand Image

If the right match is found between the brand

and celebrity, popularity of the campaign can be optimized.
The cost of the campaign can be reduced by

involving celebrities with high polarized archetype value which matches with the brand.

Despite the obvious economic advantage of using

relatively unknown personalities as endorsers in advertising campaigns, the choice of celebrities to fulfill that role Because of their high profile, celebrities may help advertisements stand out from the surrounding clutter, thus improving their communicative ability. Celebrities may also generate extensive PR leverage for brands.

 Advertising and promotion by GEORGE E.

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