File: B-Stat09 Subject: Singapore not Greater China Comment by Hungry10 PLEASE!!

SINGAPORE is not part of Greater China nor do we ever want to be!!!!! As liberal as you are with your usage of the term, please take note that local sensibilities in Singapore will not be pleased with this indiscriminate lumping with China or other East Asian countries!! We are Southeast Asian in the Malayan region, and we speak English. Dear Hungry10, I sincerely apologize for hurting your feelings. You are absolutely right, of course Singapore is not part of Greater China. It is neither a Chinese state nor a Chinese province. I posted information about Singapore in that file because many sinologists like myself are interested in information about Singapore since a majority of Singapore’s population is ethnic Chinese. Over the coming weekend I will add a note on the file stressing that Singapore is definitely not part of Greater China. That lack of explanation in the file was my mistake, I did not mean to be disrespectful towards Singapore and its citizens. Thank you for bringing the problem to my attention! Best regards Tilman Aretz Taipei, Dec. 11, 2009


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