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Let go Under
my skin

The best
damn thing
Let go
Avril Lavigne grabó este
álbum en los años 2001-
2002. Salió a la venda
en abril de 2002. Es un
álbum de 13 canciones:

Losing grip,
complicaded, Sk8er boy,
I’m with you, Mobile,
Unwanted, Tomorrow,
Anything but ordinary,
Things I’ll never say, My
world, Nobody’s fool,
too much to ask i Naked
Under my skin
Avril grabó este disco a
final de 2003, pero no
salió a la venda hasta
mayo de 2004. Tiene 12
Take me away,
Together, Don’t tell me,
he wasn’t, How does it
feel, My happy ending,
Nobody’s home,
Forgotten, who knows,
Fall to pieces, Freak out
i Slipped away.
The best damn
Avril grabó este álbum en
2006 i se publicó en abril
de 2007. Contiene 12

Girlfriend, Can I do
better, Run away, The
best damn thing, When
you’re gone, Everything
back but you, Hot,
Innocence, I don’t have
to try, One of those girls,
Contagious i Keep
holding on.