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There are different opinions about the origin of Pathan.

Many historians believe that Pathans are Aryans, from Iran, while other believes that they are from Bani Israel (Children of Israel). Any how historians are agreed on their genealogical background. According to historians the origin of Pathans are traced back to Qais Abdul Rasheed. He and his clan embraced Islam on the invitation of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed bin Utba bin Akrama, the famous companion of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). For the propagation of Islam Prophet Muhammad (SAW) send Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed to Khurasan where a tribe Afghan was living. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed wrote an invitation letter to that Afghan tribe to embrace Islam. About seventy persons of that tribe came to Madinah and embraced Islam. At that time Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was busy in Makkah conquest. After conquest when Prophet (SAW) came back to Madinah he became very happy that Afghan tribe enters in Islam without any violence. He changed their old names with new ones. Out of those seventy persons who came to Madinah and embraced Islam, one person named Qais got the name of Abdul Rasheed. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed married his daughter named Sara to Qais Abdul Rasheed. Due to his courage Prophet (SAW) gave him the title of Bathan which later on became Pathan. Qais Abdul Rasheed Qais Abdul Rasheed was known to be the pioneer of Pakhtuns. From Sara, Qias Abdul Rasheed had three sons named; (1) Sarban (2) Garghashti (3) Batni 1. Sarban: Sarban is the pioneer of Sarbani Pukhtoons. He had two sons named 1.1 Shrakhboon 1.2. Khrashboon 1.1. Shrakhboon He had six sons named 1.1.1. Urmur 1.1.2. Bareech 1.1.3. Tareen 1.1.4. Miana 1.1.5. Babar 1.1.6. Sheerani All these six are the pioneers of clans and sub clans. 1.2. Kharshboon; He had three sons named; Kasi, Zamand and Kand. 1.2.1. Kasi; He had three sons named; Shinwari, Ketran and Kasni or Kasi. Every one of them is the pioneers of clans and sub clans. 1.2.2. Zamand; He is the pioneer of the Muhammadzai clan from which Baacha Khan belongs. He had five sons named; Muhammad Nokhi Katani Naki Khuwashgi

Every one of these had sons and grandsons who were the pioneers of clans and subclans. 1.2.3. Kand; He had two sons named Ghoura or Ghouri and other Sheikha or Sheikhi. These two have sons and grandsons which are pioneer of clans and sub-clans. The younger son Sheikha or Sheikhi is the pioneer of famous pushtoon tribe Yousafzais. Muhammad, the elder son of Zamand is the pioneer of Muhammadzai clan. Muhammad had three sons and a daughter named Mamo. The offspring of Muhammad was settled in

present Charsadda. Among all these offspring the eight became very famous. Different names were given to newly born villages which reflect the names of Muhammad’s offspring’s. Those eight villages were popularly known as Hasht Nagar. The word Hashtnagar is the combination of two languages Persian and Hindi. Hasth is a Persian word means “eight’ and Nagar is a Hindi word which means “village”. The word Hasht Nagar combinly means “eight villages” which was later on known to be Hashtnaghar in Pushto. The three sons of Muhammad are; Ilyas; The pioneer of Ilyaszai. He had four sons named Zikriya, Saif-uddin (Sapo), Hussain and Prang. They all were the pioneer of their clans. Shaho; The pioneer of Shahozai clan. He had eight sons named Barak Shah, Turang (Turangzai), Umar, Sulaiman, Yaqoob, Ghura, Aka and Babak. Some of them were the pioneer of their clans. Barak Shah; He is the pioneer of Badshahzai clan of Muhammadzai. He had two sons named; Rajar; He is the pioneer of Rajar. Utman; He is the pioneer of Utmanzai. He had three sons named; Fareed Khan; The pioneer of Fareed Khel. Taimus Khan; The pioneer of Tarnau. Shareef Khan; He had a son named; Khawas Khan; The pioneer of Khawazi Khel. He had three sons named; Suleman Khan; the pioneer of Suleman Khel. Shamo Khan; the pioneer of Shamoze. Salman Khan; He had two sons named, Zain Khan Obaidullah Khan; He had two sons named; Jain Khan Khan he is the grand father of Baacha Khan. He got two marriages. From his first wife he had three sons and a daughter while from 2nd wife he had two sons and a daughter. Their family backgrounds are as fallowing. . Saifullah Khan Saifullah Khan (Grandfather of Baacha Khan) got two marriages • From his first wife he has three sons and one daughter. Those are; 1. Behram Khan 2. Shah Pasand Khan 3. Samand Khan 4. Wife of Haji Ghulam Haider Khan • From his 2nd wife Saifullah Khan having two sons and a daughter named as; 1. Yar Muhammad Khan 2. Ghulam Haidar Khan 3. Wife of Sargans Khan Behram Khan Behram Khan is the elder son of Saifullah Khan of all his seven children. He was from the first wife of Saifullah Khan. Behram Khan has two sons and two daughters. 1. 2. 3. 4. Shama Bibi Dr. Khan Saib Quresha Bibi Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Baacha Khan)