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Unit 1: Year 8 homework project

Off with his head!

This unit you will be completing a project about how King Charles I went to war with his own people
and eventually got his head cut off!
Each week you will need to complete one of the following tasks and hand it in. The final dead line for
the project will be: Monday 29
You will need a computer for some of the tasks and research but please DO NOT copy and paste. If
you do not have access to a computer see me and you may use one in school.
The project can be typed or written and will go towards your end of unit/term effort grade.
There are some EXTRA tasks for those clever clogs to get better marks but do not worry if they are a
little tricky!
Week: Task: Due in: Completed?
Tick here
1 Create a front cover for your project by:
Finding a picture of Charles 1
and find out ten important
dates/events from his life (e.g. he got married) and out
them on a timeline.

EXTRA: Which events do you think are the most significant?
Monday 15


2 Design a propaganda leaflet for parliament to show why
people must go to war against their king! A propaganda
poster is VERY one sided so be as mean as you like!
Monday 22


3 Look at the two newspaper articles on page 14. Create a
table to show how they are similar / different

Extra: Can you explain why the articles are different? Who
wrote them? Back up your answer with reasons
Monday 29


4 Create a poster to encourage men to join the parliaments
army. Show why they are so strong!

EXTRA: Try to show how horrible the Royalists are and even
why you are at war with them in the first place!
Monday 6
5 Some people are not sure about killing a king!
Create a leaflet to show all the reasons why he must die!

EXTRA: Give detailed examples to back up your ideas!
Monday 20


6 Making your project fantastic!
Now use this homework to add any parts you did not have
time for before! How could you make it better?
Monday 27


Unit 1: Year 8 homework project
Off with his head!

a) Chronology
b) Interpretation
c) Communication
Level 4:
a) You are gaining confidence using dates and terms
b) You can select and combine information from sources
c) You can describe the main events, people and changes
Level 5:
b) You can give some reasons for why events, people and changes have been interpreted in
different ways
c) You can select and organise information to write in a structured way.
Level 6:
b) You can describe and begin to analyse why there ar e different interpretations of events in
c) You can use relevant information to produce well-structured and detailed work
Level 7:
a) You have detailed knowledge about periods within British History
b) You are confident in explaining how and why different historical interpretations have been
c) You can write a well-structured narrative, description and analytical piece of work

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