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Peggy Coulter to speak for 41
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YBC seeking
osemite Bible Camp in Oakhurst, California,
is seeking a caretaker for maintenance and
Correspondence should include knowledge of
and experience in the following: plumbing and
heating; electrical; carpentry; concrete; mowers;
tractors and computers.
Applicant must be a member of the church of
Christ and in good standing. Applicant must pro-
vide 3 letters of recommendation relative to the
Mail or e-mail all correspondence to:
Sunset Avenue Church of Christ
600 Orchard Avenue
Madera, CA 93637
Attention: Grady Billington, Elder
All applications will be promptly processed
and acknowledged.

Ladies, start your ovens!
would like to re-
mind everyone
about Memorial Day
and to PLEASE bring
your winning pies for
dessert and for our
fun pie auction! It's
such a great fundrais-
ing event and fellow-
ship, along with our
handcraft boutique and auction for handcrafted items.
Think ahead about our Christmas Boutique coming
up December 13wed appreciate everyones help
with homemade jams, jellies, and baked goods, gift
baskets, knitted and crocheted items such as baby
blankets, and other donated items.
Looking forward to seeing you all in May!
Take care and God bless, Donna Boyd, President
Welcome to Gods Mountain!
hank you to the YBC Board and Angi Santymire,
who administered the Boards Funding Factory
project; the Friends of YBC; and Joel and Pat Cop-
pinger, for providing funds for YBCs new sandblasted
cedar sign, made by Catherine Nelson of FIRESIGN.
The Madera congregation will prepare the frame for
the sign.
Thank you also to the Oakhurst congregation for
the new camp entrance gate, a project spearheaded by
the Ladies Bible Class. The gate was purchased and
Glen Dibble, Lee Ellington, and Ray Martin installed it.
Printed by Nelson Press, Oakhurst 559.683.4595
Editor Phyllis Green Staff Angi Santymire, Donna Boyd
The YODEL is published twice yearly by Friends of YBC to share
news of the people, projects, and plans of Yosemite Bible Camp. Copies are
distributed free to congregations of the church of Christ and to individuals.
To submit news or to be added to the mailing list, send an email to
yodel @yosemi tebi bl ecamp. org
Back issues of the YODEL may be viewed on the camps website,
www.yosemi tebi bl

e heard your
requests and
made it a priori-
ty this spring to im-
prove the view of the
Lower Bowl stage!
Men from the
Madera, College, Woodward Park and Oakhurst con-
gregations raised and painted the stage floor and weld-
ed and installed safety rails at the back of the stage.
The 18 lift will make it easier for everyone on the
benches to see speakers and campfire skits.
Still needed is a portable handicap ramp, if
you can help with this project.

New on
Peggy Coulter to speak
for 41
Ladies Retreat
hy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet is the theme for
the 41
Annual Ladies Retreat at YBC. The
Sept. 12-14 retreat will be hosted by the Tulare con-
gregation. We are so excited to have speaker and au-
thor Peggy Coulter returning
this year to speak.
Peggy is Marketing Direc-
tor and Assistant Manager for
Publishing Designs, Inc., in
Big Cove, Alabama. She is a
delightful Southern belle and
a dedicated Christian woman
with down-home humor and
old-fashioned horse sense.
For information, contact Pat Coppinger at (559)
683-7006. Dont miss this years retreat!
hank you to all who
have made dona-
tions and helped with
our Funding Factory
efforts! Together we
raised just over $500
which has helped to
purchase the new sign
for YBC.
If you would like to take over this effort,
please contact Angi Santymire. Otherwise, there
are many organizations who accept these types of
electronic donations for recycling.

By Angi Santymire
Farewell YBC
fter our first summer here, we wrote an article
about a phrase wed heard frequently: well
leave it better than we found it. And now that we
are approaching our last weeks here, those seem like
appropriate words on which to depart.
There have been so many improvements to camp
in the last five years including the girls cabins remod-
el, Lower Bowl facelift, pool resurfacing, and many
other perhaps less obvious changes. It has been excit-
ing to witness and participate in these changes.
We have been blessed to be a part of YBC and will
always treasure the friendships weve made at each
camp. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and spread
the word that YBC is looking for another full-time
caretaker to work with Ray and Margaret Martin.
Volunteers rock!
hank you to those who continue to faithfully re-
spond to the calls for volunteers! In addition to all
of the projects detailed in other articles...
The upper boys bathroom is being re-piped by
Don Bigelow and Brent Boyd.
Madera, College and Woodward Park workers have
planted 90 young trees above the boys cabins and 20
below the Lower Bowl.
Trees were removed behind the girls cabinswood
to be split. Rick Wood and Ray Martin split two cords.
Cabin got a
facelift including
new flooring and
painting done by
Tulare volunteers
Tino and Estella
Flores, Glenn
and Lorraine
Faucett, Rachel
Lippincott, and
Joel and Pat
Coppinger. Check out all the improvements that our
hardworking volunteers have made at camp!
The VIP facelift includes new paint, new
wood-look flooring, refreshed fabrics, and
framed photographs of camp scenes.
Lend a hand
here will be a Work Day on
Sat., May 10, for weed abate-
Then there will be a Work
Camp on May 23-25 (or come
even earlier) before Memorial Day
to make overall preparations for the
If you have time available, come
lend a hand or twohelp out while getting a head
start on fellowship ahead of the BBQ. What a deal!
Sojourner couples pictured include: (back row, L to R) Norm and
Helen Maw (Canada), Cliff and Sharon David (Texas), Wendell
Tillman (Washington), Cheryl Swift (Arizona), Rex Farnsworth
(Washington), Ronald Swift (Arizona), YBCs own Margaret and
Ray Martin; (front row, L to R) Del and Fran Ray (Washington),
Cheryl Tillman (Washington), and Pat Farnsworth (Washington).

ix traveling Sojourner couples
blessed YBC this spring with
two weeks of volunteer work.
These hardworking men and women come from as far
north as Canada and as far south as East Texas.
They accomplished so much from YBCs to-do
list while they were here. The men cleaned and re-
painted propane tanks, re-built and painted fire hose
boxes and removed brush at the upper RV sites and
near the Lower Bowl.
Their wives sanitized 200 mattresses, cleaned all
buildings and rooms, painted the laundry room,
cleaned and stained playground gym set, and cleaned
and painted inside walls at the Lower Bowl stage.
We are so very appreciative of their many hours of
service for YBC!

50869 Sky Ranch Road 632
Oakhurst, CA 93644
Ray and Margaret Martin

Telephone 559.683.7006


Spring 2014 Spring 2014

May 7 Western Christian School Camp
May 10 Work Day for weed abatement
May 16-18 Lemoore Spanish Retreat
May 23-25 Work Camp: Memorial Day Prep.
May 26 Annual Memorial Day Barbecue
Jun. 7-14 Westside, Bakersfield Camp
Jun. 14-21 Modesto Area Camp
Jun. 21-28 Woodward Park Camp
Jun. 28-Jul. 5 West Visalia Camp
Jul. 5-12 Madera Camp
Jul. 12-19 Tulare/College Camp
Jul. 19-26 Merced Camp
Jul. 26-Aug. 2 Porterville Camp
Aug. 2-9 Hanford Camp
Aug. 13-17 Torrance Spanish Retreat
Sept. 12-14 41
Area-wide Ladies Retreat
Nov. 7-8 McCurry Soup Luncheon-Boutique
Dec. 13 FYBC Holiday Luncheon-Boutique
Dec. 27-30 Ripon Expedition Winter Camp
Jan. 23-25, 2015 College Winter Retreat

Pres. Ed Aguirre W Visalia Joel Coppinger Tulare Jon Holland Merced Pres. Donna Boyd Livingston
V.P. Brent Boyd Livingston Vernon Garretson Lemoore Tim Jolly Sanger V.P. Sylvia White WP Fresno
Sec. Tim Davis Turlock Jerry Mize Whitmore Modesto Rick Wall Porterville Sec. Lynda Martyn Lemoore
Treas. Jim Minor WP Fresno Steve Reeves Hanford Don Bigelow Oakdale Treas. Joy Hendrix NW Fresno
Prsnl. Grady Billington Madera Larry Cowger College Fresno Jeff Williams W Bakersfield
YBC BOARD OF TRUSTEES and Congregations Represented FRIENDS OF YBC Officers
Crafts, canoeing, nature hikes and life-changing decisions
to follow Christ. Christian camps provide unique opportunities
for youths to make friends and study Gods Word. These in-
tense times of spiritual training and fellowship often result in
baptism and blessings for years to come.
Rising costs and increased competition challenge Bible
camps nation-wide, but camp leaders say the focus remains the
same: leading souls to Christ.

Excerpts from The blessings of Bible camp, The Christian
Chronicle, May 2014, p. 37.
Honor Faithful Servants Honor Faithful Servants
onor faithful servants of the Lord and help Yosemite
Bible Camp at the same time. GIVE A GIFT in
honor or in memory of a loved one, and the name of
your honoree will be engraved on our McNeely Dining
Hall Forest of Faithful Servants plaques.
Designated gift levels are:
Acorn $ 50
Oak $ 100
Ponderosa $ 250
Cedar $ 500
Sequoia $ 1,000 and above
For information, call the camp at (559) 683-7006.

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