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Baby to Teen

Baby to Teen

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Published by yuyuhu
Help for counting 1-2-3, Children story
Help for counting 1-2-3, Children story

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Published by: yuyuhu on Dec 12, 2009
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By: Thomas Yau- Leung Yeh

I am Byron. I am one. I can walk, but cannot run. I am Abbou. I am two. Mama and I play peep-a-boo. I am Cody. I am three. Rip my pants and scrape my knees. I am Theodore. I am four. Paints and crayons on the door. I am Clive. I am five. Ketchup in milk, just doesn’t jive! I am Kittrick. I am six. Sweet and dainty, Daddy’s princess.

I am Donavan. I am seven. Ride the waves on my dolphin. I am MaryKate. I am eight. Catching fish with hook and bait. I am Caroline. I am nine. Pearls and diamonds will suit me fine. I am Steven. I am ten. Fractions and decimals don’t make sense. I am Alvin. I’m eleven. Shoot my rocket up to heaven. I am Elvis. I am twelve. “I can to it by myself.” I am Maureen. I am thirteen. Open the window, a whole new world to be seen. In a flash, from baby to teen, My, oh my, where’s the times been?

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