Reservation process The reservation department in a hotel is responsible for all reservation functions.

The most important is handling a reservation call. The following information is ascertained: 1. Guest Details a. Name b. Designation c. Name of company d. Address e. Email f. Contact Number g. Nationality 2. Visit Details a. Arrival date & time b. Departure date & time c. Type of rooms required d. Number of rooms required e. Number of people traveling f. Purpose of visit Once the details have been taken, the room availability is confirmed. If the rooms are available, then the guest is quoted the price of the rooms. Once the guest accepts the prices, the reservation is confirmed to the guest with a confirmation number. Talk lines are used in all hotel conversations.

 “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, thank you for calling XXX hotel, this is XXX, from the reservation, how may I assist you?”  “May I ask you some questions, before we proceed Mr. XXX?”  “What is your arrival date and how many nights are you here with us?”  “Thank you for calling, XXX hotel. Your reservation is confirmed and your confirmation number is OOOO. having you stay with us. Have a good day” If you cannot confirm the reservation then the reservation is waitlisted. We look forward to