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The City of Greeley has received a USR (Use by

Special Review) application from Mineral Resources

Inc. to allow 19 oil and gas wells, 19 separators, and
20 tanks on the property located south of 29
St and
north of 32
St. The drilling site is approximately
1,000ft away from Frontier Academy Elementary
Schools playground, 581ft from Walmart and in close
proximity to other businesses and neighboring
subdivisions. The operator wants industrial traffic to
access the drill site from heavily traveled 35
Ave to
St, which is also the access road for Frontier
Academy Elementary School, hotels and other
Please attend the meeting, open to all community
members and interested parties, on September 30
The city planning staff will explain the review
process, the operator will provide information about
the proposal, and community members may ask
questions and voice concerns.

Concerns with Oil & Gas Drilling in the Community:

Health: Effects of poor air quality resulting from
toxic emissions and volatile organic compounds
emitted during the drilling and ongoing extraction
process exacerbates respiratory problems
and creates potential long-term health risks from
unknown cumulative impacts.

Safety: Possible spills and explosions of flammable
and hazardous chemicals in close proximity to our
homes, schools, and businesses. Inadequate
emergency response plan.

Traffic: Increased traffic, industrial truck traffic and
flammable/hazardous material transport. Increased
risk of accidents, including with inexperienced
student drivers, which may result in fatalities and
toxic chemicals spills. Flow of traffic in the area with
the surge of industry related traffic.

Community: This high intensity drilling operation
will affect the school, local residents and
businesses, and future developments in the area.
Elevated noise levels. Increased use and
contamination of city municipal water that cannot be
reclaimed/recycled for any other use. Wastewater
storage, disposal and injection well concerns
including earthquakes.

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