Block Schedule Lesson for PD Day

a. Teachers will understand the benefits of PBL by participating in a mock
b. Teachers will develop sample icebreaker lesson plans using the PBL model.

o Oaktag
o Markers
o Crayons
o Tape
o Scissors
o Magazines
o cardboard
o Sample Games
o Stencils
EQ: How can we engage our students during the first weeks of school through
the use of play?
1. 5 min-Teacher - What is an icebreaker?- a game or event used to welcome
and warm up conversation among participants in a meetin, training session,
teambuilding activity or other event.
2. 5 min-Class will brainstorm and record- possible ice breakers
3. 10 min- Group-work: divide the class into groups and have them develop a
list of features of an ice breaker using the sample list as a guide (be ready
with examples)- display on post its under heading
a. Fun
b. Exciting
c. Use props
d. Reveal character traits
e. Warm the class up
f. Short
g. Can or cannot lead
into an activity
4. 5 min- Present assignment- in individual groups develop a game that
contains all good features of icebreakers that you will use during first
day/week/month of school. Hand out worksheet
5. 5 min- Discuss possible questions group must consider when deciding on
a. Does your game model all good features of an icebreaker?
b. Does it appeal to your age group?
c. What materials will you need?
d. Number of players etc.
6. 15 min- Allow groups to create game and provide necessary materials.
7. 10 min- Share- groups will display games around the room (carousel).
Students will view projects and use post- its to ask q’s, give positive and
specific feedback, and provide suggestions
a. post its- make one positive comment/ ask a question/ discuss an ice
breaker feature
8. 10 min: Groups will review post its and share a few comments
9. 5 min: Class will compile a list of basic similarities/differences
10. 5 min: Regroup- in journals How did this lesson help you better understand
ice breakers? What will you try and implement? What features of the pbl
were useful?
11. How does it fit into pbl? Lesson?