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Public Spaces Public Life

Public Spaces Public Life


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Published by: Daisy on Dec 12, 2009
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A consistent appearance of market stalls etc. can secure
a neat and nice street of good quality. Generally street
furniture of low quality, messy market stalls, loud music and
speaker sales people create a city environment of low qual-
ity. Aggressive or exaggerated signage is another issue to be
avoided in Rundle Mall.

Below: Market days in January.

Situation to be avoided
- blocked vistas from
Rundle Mall

Uninviting side street

Public Spaces and Public Life - Page 43

The hustle and bustle of the many people working and visit-
ing the Central Market in Adelaide makes it a special place
with an impact on the senses. Here you can feel city life and
enjoy the sight of the various goods arranged in fascinating

The Market is situated in the Central West Precinct of the
city in a complex made up of many individual buildings. The
inside is labyrinthine with various entrance points. Today the
Market is not clearly visible in the city. This has to do with
its geographical location within the city, the unattractive
facades at ground floor level, a lack of signage and the poorly
developed entrance points.

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