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Public Spaces Public Life

Public Spaces Public Life


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Published by: Daisy on Dec 12, 2009
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Adelaide is indeed a fortunate city with many natural quali-
ties. The Adelaide Hills, the Coast, the River Torrens, the beau-
tiful city plan of Colonel Light with the visionary Park Lands
and the five squares in the square mile. These landscape
features are part of the impression of Adelaide as a green city
with wonderful recreational potentials.

In order to utilize these qualities and make them clearly vis-
ible in the daily city environment a number of problems have
to be addressed. The riverfront is an especially neglected area
which needs to be utilized to make the best of its great poten-
tial. Attempts have been made through the construction of
the river promenade and the Convention Center and the con-
struction of a recreational pathway around the Torrens will
assist but more needs to be done.

Access to the river is difficult and it cannot be seen from
North Terrace due to the buildings blocking the views. This
makes public access to the riverfront unacceptably indirect
and complicated or not possible at all. The current redevel-
opment of the Festival Plaza is very much needed since this
public space is currently not offering any spatial qualitites or
taking advantage of it´s location so close to a great landscape
“Improved pedestrian accessibility” also summarizes the main
recommendation for the Park Lands, the squares, the streets
and the unique Market, to further enhance the identity of the
City of Adelaide.

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