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Ali Khasbak

856-535-5745 (cell)
Profile Dynamic individual with vast wartime journalism experience. Accomplished and
expert in all areas of Arab radio, TV, and print media. As a broadcaster, despite
profound hardships, challenged the status quo and championed to improve the lives of
his fellow citizens.

Editor at two prominent Iraqi newspapers
Innovative broadcaster who brought the radio talk-show to Iraq
Influenced public opinion via print and broadcast media
Prolific, published author
Award-winning journalist
Award-winning poet and short story author
Education B.A., Journalism, University of Baghdad, Iraq 1988
English as a Second Language, currently enrolled at Rowan College at Gloucester County

News Media
and Radio
Editor-in-Chief Baghdad Newspaper, Baghdad, Iraq

Editor-in-Chief of Cultural Section
Directed staff of 45 journalists
Mentored writers
Increased circulatin by over 40%
Presided over transition from a newspaper to a website
Baghdad is a renowned, influential newspaper owned by Ayad Allwi, the first Prime
Minister of Iraq

Editor/Manager Nadaa Almustaqbl (The Future), Baghdad, Iraq

Manager of influential newspaper, reporting directly to the Editor-in-Chief


Writer/Announcer Almustaqbl (The Future), Aman, Jordan

Authored political commentary that was broadcast by others
Advocated for the overthrow of Saddam Hussains rule in Iraq
As announcer, galvanized public opinion by bringing for the various cultural and social
issues to his listeners
Pioneered the interactive, radio talk show format
Championed for free speech and was a catalyst for rapidly expanding media
Managed staff of 15 writers and broadcasters


Freelance Journalist

Frequently published work in Azzaman, and Arabic-English news website based in
London, England, for distribution in Jordan.


TV Production

Wrote television movie, Wish Bomb, which played in Egypt and at the Polish Cultural Center in
London. It is available at

Public Speaking

One of four main speakers representing Egypt, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Iraq at an Arab
media conference in Kuwait, entitled Crisis Editors, 2009
Attended Arab media conference in United Arab Emirates, 2008

Poetry Readings

Published poet, Alamrbid (The Poem of Prose)
Invited to read works at poetry festivals in Kirkuk, Al-Jawahari, and Basra, Iraq


2004 Poetry Union of Iraqi Writers Street People Award
2010 Short Story, What Happened to Mskeen Ben Ramaq?
2000 Broadcast radio play, The Picture of Our Leader, a comedy poking fun at Saddam Hussain, similar
to Daily Show humor by Jon Stewart

Written Word

2006 Poetry collection, Oral Country, published by Cloudy House, Baghdad, Iraq
Works are published in Arabic and available in Iraq, England, Jordan, Egypt, Mexico,Syria, and
Books ready for publication: Adrift in the Eyes of Roses (poetry collection) and World Day for Cats (a
collection of short stories)

Writers Organizations

Union of Writers in Iraq 1992 to present
The Association of Iraqi Artists, and Actors in Theatre 1993 to present
The Journalist Syndicate of Iraq 2003 to present