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Social awkwardness: how war claims not only lives, but social skills

Because othello is separated from society by war, the moor is never able to develop social skills and is therefore easily manipulated.

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Lack of social skills not only makes one feel isolated but also increases insecurities “In Shakespeare's non-circular Othello the non-singular Iago is both victim and trickster who creates switcheroos which perpetuate the displacement of unacknowledged forbidden desire” (Escher). iago tries to make othello feel separated. He knows that the moor loves Desdemona completely and by “taking her away” he successfully makes Othello doubt his marriage and himself.

How am I then a villain?

People trust what they know.

The Handkerchief

“Othello must also struggle between two opposing representations of his wife; the virtuous image that she projects and the impure adulteress of Iago’s slanders” (Evans). Desdemona, from William Shakespeare's Othello , has been a problematic character, vacillating between virtue and vice, morality and transgression, purity and prurience”(guevara). Othello is alone in a society that is foreign to him. All war has taught othello is to only trust your own men. Iago, being a military man, is perceived by othello as being trustworthy. Iago only further proves his reliability when Desdemona is unable to show othello the handkerchief. This reinforces his doubts in Desdemona and his trust in Iago.

if a person defines themselves You’re Too good through another person. Object, or idea, when that is threatened, to be true . it is a direct threat to ones soul “Desdemona gives othello the foundation for his identity: she provides a place and a home for a man whose life narrative is on of wandering both inside and outside the social order of Venice” (Leung). Othello already thinks of his wife as too good to be true which is why he so easily believes iago when offers an explanation. This is why he reacts with anger when he realizes what he might lose

Because othello has been on the battlefield for most of his life, he does not understand society. This causes him to become a social outcast and can be seen by looking through the lens of sociocultural theory. This act of “othering” and separation causes him to easily trust iago and easily doubt Desdemona. War destroys othello by failing to teach him social skills.

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