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I am becoming aware of mounting anecdotal evidence that some of the environmental frustrations

we suffer in Gorse Hill and Old Trafford are linked to the behaviour of contractors working on behalf
of private lettings agents/ landlords.
We are regularly blighted by fly-tipping in alleys of mattresses in particular.
Additionally, we heard in council last night that half of all Trafford's wheelie bin thefts are in Gorse
Hill and Clifford Wards. The conventional wisdom of council officers was that residents were stealing
these from each other to increase their capacity. Yet the sheer scale of these thefts would make this
hypothesis untenable. We'd be adding an extra 1200 bins to the collection rounds in these two
wards assuming the bins are still in circulation. I do not believe this has happened. So where are the
There is very little evidence but I am aware of at least two anecdotal reports of contractors having
used bins to transport building materials as a convenient container.
I am therefore writing to ask:
For ward by ward figures in terms of private rental property to check for comparison with
bin theft figures
Whether we have the means to engage with the agents to explore possible improved
For any other interventions we might make.
Thanking you in advance for this. I am keen to tackle the issue because we can do and are doing lots
of really good community work in respect of environmental improvement but the regularity with
which this is undermined by a dumped mattress or stolen/ contaminated bin is beyond normal
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Mike Cordingley
Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward
Labour Spokesperson for Economic Growth
Transport for Greater Manchester Committee
Locality Partnership for Old Trafford and Stretford

Telephone 0781 499 7522

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