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The Play's . The Thing

Book I

7'he Play's the Thing ... (book one) Bibliomania 7, Apri15, 1997

A Waterways Project Publication Richard Spiegel & Barbara Fisher, Co-Directors A. Thomas Perry, Administrative Assistant

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The cover illustration is a traditional Balinese shadow puppet.

Participating Schools:

PS II, 13, 42, 44, 48, 52, 60, IS 7, 34,75, St. Ann School, St. Patrick School Sacred Heart School.

Participating Teachers:

Mrs. Frances Kahn, Miss Mason, Mrs. Brochin, Mrs.Diane Sussuma, Mrs. Maureen Phalen, Mrs. June Haley, Mrs. Virginia Maina, Mrs. Susan Contino, Mr. Rubchich, Mrs. Gloria Block, Mrs. Frances Patti, Mrs. Judy P. Wiedman,

Ms. Loretta McMillen, Mrs. Arlene Blumenrich,

Miss McHugh, Ms. Helaine Schlar

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Charles Barbieri 4 John Costanza 4 Raymond Mincher 4 Samantha Smith 5 Jorge Yepez 5 MeganJones 5 Annie Marie Maldonado 6 Joseph Russell 6 Alexandria Albertsen 7 Renee Basile 7 Steven Gardella 8 TaraAbell 8

Frank Damiano 9 Nicholas DiBenedetto 9 Lauren Forestiere IO Alanna Driscoll IO Kristen Socci II

Elise DeConzo II Bryan Mullins I2 Ashley Teatum I3

Gabrielle Olya IS Jessica Macauda I6 Jasmin Arroyo I6 Maria Gagliardi I7


Steven Perez I7 Nicole Jacobsen I8 Jesse Bergenbaum I9 Gregory Carpenterzo Michael Senese 2I Anthony Balzofiore 2I Kimberly Farrell 22 Allison Giovinazzo 23 Alyse Harneit 24- Amanda Manno 25 Jennifer Mattiello 26 Vanessa Mesics 27 Alexandra Terrone28 Mary Tursi 29 John Vis ciano 30 Milissa DePetro 3I Michael Strasburg 32 Kelly Welch 33

Pia Clemente 35 Michael Gizzarelli 36 JohnJoen 37

Eva Wuerch 38 Casey Kasprowitz 39 Sabrina Kaufman 4-0 Nicole Malangone 4-I

Deanna Trotta 4Z Michael Marron 43


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Charles Barbieri

I liked the Lion King play When the red smoke

was burning up close

and Timon and Pumbaa were smglllg

and then they made me laugh And Simba grew up

and the hyenas laughed and laughed.

J 000 ~ostanza

-.- _

When I was on stage

I felt like there were ants in my pants And rocks in my socks

When I was in kindergarten I was shy

But now I'm better on stage.

I'm good! ,', ~ .

Raymond Mincher

Sometimes I get a little scared and a tummy ache too

and it hurts to death.

I don't like flashes in my eyes I don't like being on stage.


Samantha Smith

I'm scared on stage Because I' m shy

I get a little excited Because my mom's close by.

Jorge Yepez

I'm thirsty on stage Because I'm talking, talking, talking.

Megan Jones Stage Fright

The stage lights are bright, I'm sweating like crazy,

I have butterflies in my stomach, like you don't even know,

So, like my mother always says,

'Just take a deep breath and go - go- go!!


Annie Marie Maldonado A Play About Pocahontas

Pocahon tas had long black hair, She was beautiful and kind,

Everywhere she stepped the sun shined, ' She was friendly and had a lot of courage, Pocahontas had a lot of friends,

She always fought for what she believed to the end.

Joseph Russell My Poem about Springtime

Look at all the budding trees And flowers springing up.

The birds are singing sweet love songs And flying very high,

The kids are playing up on the hill, And the golden sun is in the sky.

The dog is barking while chasing his tail And the ducks are quacking too,

The squirrel is sitting on a branch,

And my cat is chasing a mouse,

I hear mother calling it's time to come home, And my friends hear their moms too.

We hope tomorrow is nice again,

When we meet up on the hill.


Alexandria Albertsen "The Secret Garden"

Secret Garden was a play, That happened on a rainy day, There was a boy who was sad, And a girl who was mad.

The garden they found was

a lot of fun, I t was even better

When the boy could run.

The girl and boy were each other's friend, And always would be un til the end.

Renee Basile "Beauty and the Beast"

Belle and her father lived far away,

Belle loved to read and her father liked to play, Gaston loved Belle but she couldn't care less, And then he left town and became a guest, The castle she stayed in was a magical place,

But she was captured by a beast with an ugly face, Every servant in the castle was an enchanted thing, They put on a show, and boy could they sing! Belle wanted to leave, but decided to stay, Because Beast just had a special way,

She taught him to love and that broke the spell,

They lived happily ever after, so good-bye and 1[



Tara Abell The School Play

Steven Gardella "Babes in Toyland"

Babes in Toyland

Wa~ so grand,

It was magical,

Like fairyland,

Toyland was the best, The soldiers gave the test, Mr. Barnaby failed,

And the sailor and Mary sailed. Everyone was happy,

Everyone was glad,

No one was sad

In Babes in Toyland.

I like it when the play comes at school, To be in the play is so cool,

Every year I audition for a big part, When I don't get it, it breaks my heart, But I always have fun anyway,

And I just can't wait for opening day.


Frank Damiano

. Fun Night at "Grease"

Before the play "Grease" began,

My sister and I were picked to lend a hand,

We danced and bopped til we were told to stop, After that, the play had begun,

So back to our seats we had to run, as the show was halfway done, Everyone was having lots of fun, "Grease" made us all stamp our feet, I t really was a very nice treat.

Nicholas DiBenedetto

The curtain goes up And the play begins.' Actors are ready

To ac t and to sing.

The curtain goes down When the play is done. People are clapping, Because it was fun.


Alanna Driscoll My Wishful Play

Lauren Forestiere Plays

I like to sit and watch a play,

The actors all seem so happy and gay,

They sing and dance around on stage,

In "Cats" they even come out of a cage. There are different acts and different scenes

In "Grease" the actors dress wearing their blue jeans In my favorite play, there's a song, Be Our Guest "Beauty and the Beast" is the play I like best

I watched a play in my school,

"Bye Bye Birdie" was very cool,

Some plays are happy and some plays are sad, Some leave you feeling very mad,

So sit back and enjoy the show,

And never give up a chance to go.

Once I saw a play

called "Meet Me In St. Louis" I said that they couldn't find Somebody to play Laddie,

My aunt said,"Waitl"

I would be great!


Kristen Socci The Play

I once was in a play That everyone could see, I went up stage

With a large fright in me! I t was in my school

From pre-school to eight I was happy from the

First min ute until very late!

Elise DeConzo "Babes In Toyland"

I saw a play called "Babes in Toyland!' Toyland was set up like a joyland,

My favorite character was Little Bo Peep, I liked the way she called her sheep,

She helped her sister brave and true, Escape from the evil You-Know-Who, At the end, everything worked out fine, Everything does, it's a nursery rhyme!


Bryan Mullins "A Christmas Carol"

I went to see a Christmas play I saw it on a Saturday,

"A Christmas Carol" was its name,

The actors should be in the Hall of F arne.

A ghost appeared, In a flash of light,

Appeared to him that Christmas night.

A second ghost appeared to him, In a big black cloud

That was really dim.

A third ghost appeared, This ghost Scrooge feared.

Christmas morn he woke with joy, Gave money to the poor

To buy a Christmas toy.


Ashley Teatum . "Toy Story On Ice"

For my ninth birthday I went to see

An ice show about Woody the Deputy.

I learned how he and the other toys Became best friends of Andy, a little boy.

Andy's birthday was the event of the day, But all the toys were frightened away,

By the thought of being replaced

With a new toy and a new face.

They could not wait

To see their fate,

So great was their fear,

When they saw Buzz Lightyear Appear!

Most of all, Woody was the one

Who thought his days were done

Because Buzz became Andy's favorite toy, Woody no longer felt loved by the little boy.

Woody become envious of Buzz Lightyear's

gizmos and gadgets

And Woody felt as though he had really had it.

So he devised a plan to make Buzz go away,

But it didn't work, so Woody had to save the day When Buzz fell out the window

Into the yard of Sid, the toys' biggest foe.


Meanwhile, the audience was sitting so still As they watched the ice skaters dancing

with such skill,

They twirled and they glided about Not a sound was to be heard,

Not even a shout!

So the story continued as the skaters danced the tale Of Woody and Buzz and all the other toys,

And how they couldn't fail

To get back to Andy and then his new home, And not to be left out on the street

two toys so alone.

This ice show had a happy ending For Buzz and Woody and the toys And now I'll think twice

Before getting rid of my toys.


Gabrielle Olya . Plays

I have seen many plays in my days, All are so different in so many ways,

Some have actors that talk, move, and sing, In those kind of plays the music's the thing, There are operas and orchestras too,

Those are some fun for me and for you.

There are puppet shows that are very exciting, Such as Punch and Judy, that are always fighting. There are comedies that have jokes that will

make you laugh hard,

Such as "When Was the Great Depression?" lIWhen I got my report card."

These are the types of plays you can see, They are all fantastic if you ask me.


Jessica Macauda

The View of the Audience

As the lights dimmed to my plead,

I knew I could take my lead.

As the story was told with scenery,

costumes, and lights,

There were so many beautiful sights.

The moods changed when someone spoke, Special effects, such as glitter and smoke. The scenes went together to form one, People: scatter, cry, and run.

When the curtain closed.

All the actors posed.

Everyone clapped for the outstanding play, I knew just what to say.

I left my seat and ended my lovely treat.

Jasmin Arroyo

The Dance Theater of Harlem

The Dance Theater of Harlem

came to our PS 52 school stage.

They showed us how

they work out on the exercise bar. The men jumped high but landed very softly. The men picked

the women up. The women moved their feet together

and then stretched their legs out. I t was cool to see the dancers

in our school.


Maria Gagliardi A I{ wanzaa Play

In December, I was the ninth narrator for my class' Kwanzaa play. I felt very proud because

it was my first speaking part. I said my lines loud and clear so everyone could hear.

"A feast for the family ... Even though bad things have happened good things will come like green grass in the spring. II

Steven Perez

The Red Thunder Dancers

The red thunder dancers were Indians showing us what their dances mean.

The hopping dance is done by the Indians when they are going to fight.

When a woman dances with a dress with a lot of bells that jingle, this dance is for Indians that have died.

The circle of life dance is done when Indians clap and bang drums to the same beat.

Nicole Jacobsen Romeo andJuliet

In Shakespeare's words

"This story is no more than a woe, It'~ about Juliet and her Romeo."

The two came from fair Verona

Each time they saw each other their love grew stronger

The Montague'S and Capulets Always in a quarrel,

They never realized their hatred Would bring so much sorrow.

Tybalt and Mercutio at each other's throats, Benvolio tried to stop it,

But they thought it was just a joke.

Mercutio dies of his unspeakable words, Romeo takes down Tybalt for his Disloyalty that couldn't be heard.

Romeo was sentenced to his death, He ran away looking for his Juliet.

Juliet was forced into the arms of another, But she loved her Romeo

More than any other.

If their mothers and fathers Could not bear their love,

Then, they would take it to the clouds above.


Now they are together,

Their love stronger than ever.

This ends the story of Juliet, And her Romeo forever.. ..

Jesse Bergenbaum "A Christmas Carol"

The show I saw not long ago, Contained a moral as you may know. It told a story of one man's greed, Who looked away from those in need. His life was meaningless until one day.

A group of ghosts showed him a better way - To live his life and spread good cheer, And to wish us all a very Happy New Year.

Gregory Carpenter Mr. Scrooge

Mr. Scrooge was a frightening fellow,

His. heart was as low as the sounds on a cello, He was visited by three ghosts one night, The first one gave him a very great fright, He wished it away with a very big sneer, Only for the second ghost soon to appear,

His new ghost told him the comings in the present, Scrooge trembled with fear and looked around

at the peasants,

When the third ghost arrived it showed

Scrooge's death,

Scrooge didn't talk, not one breath,

Then he realized he was a very mean man, Then he changed Christmas for all

or as many as he cart,

He raised Bob Cratchet's pay to an all time high, He helped the poor with food and delight,

Then he finally said, "Merry Christmas, good night."


Michael Senese Barney on Broadway

The place gets dark, one light shines bright, And shines on what is quite a sight!

A giggling purple dinosaur -

Dances out across the floor,

The children all scream with glee, There's only one dinosaur this can be, I guess I'll have to sing along,

To all of Barney's favorite songs.

It's my sister's special day,

Her very first Broadway play!

Anthony Balzofiore Only If

If I could act or I could sing or

do magic tricks or juggling,

If I could only do these things,

1'd head straight for Broadway.

I'd be a star and all would cheer

The applause would deafen any ear, People would come from far and near

to see me in a play.

I try to practice to gain such fame,

Yet my acting just seems to stay the same, Oh well, tomorrow is another day!



Kimberly Farrell The Falling Star

There we stood with prop in hand, We could hear nothing but the band, Our play began at eight that night, Would you believe I had stage fright!

I looked to the left, I looked to the right, There wasn't a friendly face in sight,

I looked at the scenery that was freshly painted, It was the last thing I saw before I fainted!

There was a stirring in my mind, It was a feeling of a different kind,

All of a sudden my heart started to race, Because the director threw water in my face!

Now my acting days are done,

I even considered becoming a nun, I often think of that terrible night, I can't believe I had stage fright!


AlUsonGiovinazzo On the Spot

With the spotlight shining bright on me, I'm on the stage for all to see,

I quickly shake the jitters away,

Far from me, I hope they stay.

Suddenly my mind goes blank,

My arms grow stiff, I'm on the plank Of a pirate ship that's in the sea, Forced to jump, oh pOOf, poor me!

What seemed to me to be so long,

Was really quite quick, but nothing is wrong, My imagination can do that you see,

I t can stretch things out until it tricks me.

So I cleared my throat, and began my acting, The crowd' s appreciation was shown in clapping, It's the silliest thing, but it drives me bats,

When I am put on the spot.


Alyse Harneit A School Play

Colorful costumes Songs and fun, AI~ddin is the play for everyone.

We changed the movie And turned it around, The play was great

As weird as it sounds.

The audience cheered As we took our bows, Even cable T.V. thought The play was a "WOW"

Amanda Manne


I've been to many plays before And I plan to go to some more, But the most amazing play of all

I-las the cats that went to the J ellic1e Ball. Yes, "Cats" is the play I'm thinking of. It's fulI of laughter, and full of love.

There is Rum Rum Tugger, Bustopper Jones, Mr. Mistoffeles and GriddIebone, Mongojevrie and Rumpleteazer,

Grizabella and Demeter,

Victoria and Macavity

The Bumbi Cat and Deuteronomy.

It is entertaining for everyone

Get to the theater and have some fun, As the Iights go dim pull up a chair, Watch the cats come out of nowhere. Bring your family, bring your frog,

But whatever you do don't bring your dog!


Jennifer Mattiello The School Play


After weeks of practicing and hardwork

The opening night arrives and everyone goes berserk. The curtain goes up, we're wanted on stage

Mr. Powers flies into a furious rage

Be quiet! Shh! SSh! he shouts.

Will the show be" a success? We all have our doubts, We messed up some lines; we missed our cues

But all in aIL we knew what to do

The finale was perfect; the show had survived Mr. Powers (who had fainted from shock)

had to be revived

The audience went wild, Mr. Powers was proud At the end, we all grasped hands and bowed.


Vanessa Mesics On Stage

Performing on stage is a tremendous opportunity My heart and soul are filled with great joy and unity Entertaining an audience makes me feel grand

One mistake, and I will surely be banned.

I have to be wise,

I just may need to improvise,

I hear the audience's thunderous applause. I am left in the state of awe.

Now, it's my turn to take a bow.

I smile and think to myself, wow!

Finally, it is time to go.

I can't wait for my next show.

Alexandra Terrone . The Night is. Mine

Lights, camera, action, the excitement of it all, The anticipation of the last curtain call.

Makeup, costumes, what a glamorous life to lead, It's not that easy when you get those difficult scripts to read.

You get butterflies in your stomach and hope you

don't get stage fright, .

But it all pays off, opening night.

The crowd is applauding, the theater is sold out, The excitement, hustle and bustle is what it's all about.

Whether you're the lead or in the chorus, you're a vital part of the play,

For it takes an entire crew to work the right way.

The curtain goes up, I'm on cloud nine,

I'm filled with confidence because this moment is nune.

The theater review said I was great, They truly believe the play was top rate.

Well I thank God. He gave me such talent to perform in this show,

For I will always remember this night more than you know.

Mary Tursi Lincoln Center

My dad bought tickets to see the opera at Lincoln Center,

We crossed Broadway, passed the fountains and

through glass doors we did enter, Beautiful sights and sounds were all around, There even were ladies in evening gowns,

A thousand crystals were strung from high above

like stars in the night,

A bell chiming, calling the people to come,

The band started tuning their instruments one by one, The crystals arose and lost all their light,

The gold curtain flew open, the scene came to sight, So began the opera night.

John Visciano My First Debut

One day when Mom was driving, The radio playing a song,

I decided to test the water, And I began to sing along.

I started to sing softly,

And as Mom began to smile,

I began to sing louder and louder, And I sang for quite a while.

I began to sing for family, I began to sing all day,

I sang so much in grammar school, I became the star of every play.

I was Peter in rtpeter Pan,"

I was the mayor in the "Wizard of Oz," I was Albert in "Bye Bye Birdie"

And I'm still heading for the stars!


Milissa DePetro "The Princess and the Pea"

Ladies and gentlemen listen to me,

I'll tell you the story of the "Princess and the Pe~1 She had to prove that she was princess,

The Queen told the King she must convince us, They would not let her marry their son,

Whose heart this young princess had certainly won, One night as the princess was going to bed,

She found so many mattresses under her bed,

She tossed and she turned because of the pea, Which now proved a princess indeed was she,

The prince was so happy,

She could now be his wife,

And share his dream together for the rest of their life, Sarah Jessica Parker is a wonderful actress,

And I encourage you to see

"Once Upon A Mattress."

Michael Strasburg Opening Night

The curtain is closed,

The actors and actresses are waiting as the audience is slowly entering the school auditorium

After weeks of rehearsing,

The night of performing has arrived. There I am waiting in the wings, My stomach feeling like a volcano about to erupt

My nervousness has taken me over and my mind is totally blank.

The teacher tells us, "Five minutes till showtime. II

The lava begins to rise out of the volcano in my stomach.

I wanted to go to the bathroom and stay there for the entire show.

But the curtain rises, the audience begins to applaud, and my mind discovers the missing lines of my part. The lava stops rising, the nervousness fades away and I begin to act.

The next thing I knew,

The audience was applauding and I finally knew it allover.


Kelly Welch The Spotlight Lives On

My audition was a worthwhile one,

I never knew the stage was so much fun, But I changed my life in just one act Now I yearn for the spotlight when

I come in contact.

My spirit is free, not a bird in a cage,

"I am unique" I say, my life is the stage, Some say life's a book

Mine's a script, here's a page

The spotlight lives on.

Spotlights swirl around me,

I twirl,

I spin,

I live in an everlasting Shakespearean moment.

My role is a great one wherever I go,

And as long as I try here's not much I must know, It's not that I'm conceited, all I ask of you,

Is that you corne and enjoy my show.

The spotlight lives on.

Lights making a brighter day, I glide,

I dance,

Practicing what I know best.

The costumes are simple, not an elegant matter, The toe-shoes are new, the hat from the hatter,



I am proud anyway whatever I do,

And I strive for perfection, from my head to my shoe.

The spotlight lives on.

Blinded by light yet I find my way, I act,

I float,

Gliding graceful1y through scenes, through life.

On Broadway I've seen neats" and I1Les Misll,

I have dedicated my life to show biz.

I enjoy Andrew Lloyd Webber's work,

When I hear the word "theater" up my head wiII perle.

The spotlight lives on.

The breaking of dawn in the vast theater, I am,

I speak,

I shine and sparlde in the final encore.

I'm going to see another show soon, The matinee starts in the afternoon,

I'll imagine myself up on that stage someday,

On that stage a light glows like a full silver moon.


The spotlight lives on.

A darkened theater silently surrounds me, I can,

I am heard,

And a light shines out of the darkness for me.



Pia Clemenre' .' "Beauty and the Beast"

One must give love to get love in return and that is what the Beast had learned Not only did he learn to love

but to seek true beauty beneath the surface, That is where it truly lies.

His superficial judgement,

resulted in his beastly mess.

Then one day he met his Beauty,

who taught him how to make love bloom.

Stricken with a face of horror, reflective of his temperament.

Seething with impulsive anger, trying to find love. With misguided hostility, he trapped his Beauty, counting on her to break the spell.

Leaving him with one dilemma,

the problem that-he's had to face.

Trying to get the love within,

to change the course his life will take.

Beauty that comes from deep within, makes Belle's loveliness unsurpassed.

Selfless love, guiding her fate.

What first imprisons her becomes the key, to unlock the love within the Beast.

Their love was shared, the spell was broken and they finally lived, happily ever after.


I[ - -

Michael Gizzarelli Timnan

Made from a sheet of metal,

Maybe someone's used ~ar gas pedal, Polished, rolled and shaped like a man, Who could not live without his oil can,

The tinman goes down the yellow brick road, Looking for a heart of gold,

The wicked witch knows his dislikes, Snow, rain, sleet and ice,

He keeps his friends, finds courage, a brain and a home,

And when they leave, he .feels alone. The love he feels proves one,

I II I-Ie had a heart that could tick and sing.

I, I

JohnJoen Me? Frightened?

As I wait in the dark backstage,

I take a big breath, feeling very strange. lIWhy is this?" I ask myself,

HIs it because I am an elf?"

I wore a costume of a weird looking thing,

that helps Santa with nearly everything! Then I realize why I feel sick.

Oh dear lord! I hope it's not a trick!

I really don't want to go out there now, Looking so silly with a long eye brow! "Am I truly frightened?

Can this theory be true?"

For all I know, I don't even have a clue! I'm supposed to be afraid of nothing,

a daredevil you can say,

but why do I feel so helpless now, like sinking in a bay?

But still I step out with shaking legs,

I force out the words I am supposed to say, "Merry Christmas!"


EvaWuerch ·The Dreaded Night

The car pulls up in front of the school My nerves tell me 'Just be cool."

Entering the auditorium, the voice inside me says, III don't know, is this audience friend or foe?" Get on stage - Lights go dim,

Do I run - or shed a grin?

My stomach certainly tells no lies As it fills itself with butterflies

I start to tremble, my blood runs cold.

Oh no! I've forgotten everything I was told! I get the cue from my teacher to begin

I hold my head high and lift my chin.

The words flow freely to my surprise

I feel so confident and wise.

This isn't so bad - Nothing to dread. Turns out to be rather fun instead!

The crowd seems pleased by much applause. All that fear - for an unjustified cause.

Hard to believe the performance comes to an end. Heck! I'd definitely do this again!!!

No problemllll

Casey Kasprowitz My First Play

The audience welcomed us with a cheer, My first grade class felt the fear,

Many of us were dressed in costumes, Wishing the play would be over soon, Our lines we said with no problem at all, We didn't care we Were having a ball, The audience chuckled - and waved to us, Our sense of pride grew with success, Cameras flashing, here -and there,

White spots filled our eyes and air,

The piano ended with tf final note,

All of our parents wanted to dote.


Sabrina Kaufman

Last year my dad called up a radio station, To enter a contest opened to the nation. You could win tickets to a Broadway play, just by telling about your child's birthday.

My father won second place, They said it was a very close race.

He was asked to choose his favorite show,

I-Ie picked "Grease" and we couldn't wait to go.

It starred Jeff Trachta who is on a soap, The scenery had tires hanging on a rope. I knew all the songs and loved the play, It really was a wonderful day.

We danced on stage with Joe Piscopo, In a contest before the show.

My dad won another prize for what he did, They thought he was a big funny kid.

It was very exciting and fun to see, All the actors right in front of me.

I hope we will go to another show soon, It was the best Sunday afternoon.

Nicole Malangone Poem About a Play I Was In

When I was small,

My classroom was down the hall, I was in a play and was the star,

I didn't think I would go that far,

I was little Red Riding Hood,

And I did the best I could, Everyone was proud of me,

Because I was red and full of glee, When I first came out on stage,

I wasn't really that brave,

When I started to say my lines, Some of the words began to rhyme

The big, bad wolf was as mean as he could be, I really thought he would eat me,

Through the woods I started to go,

It got cold and I thought it would snow, I passed a woodsman chopping a tree, Then he stopped to say hello to me,

I finally made it to grandma'S house, Luckily, I avoided that dirty louse,

My grandma and I had so much to say, Before you know it, there went the day, The wolf broke in and tried to eat me,

But the woodsman killed him and set me free.


Deanna Trotta

I just saw a play on ice,

I didn't want to go, but it was real nice. It was about a boy whose toys come alive. They talk and walk and give a high five.

There is a slinky dog and a dinosaur, Army men, a pig and so much more. Little Bopeep and Mr. Potato Head, And a car comes out from under the bed.

A cowboy named Woody is the leader there. Nobody questions him, they wouldn't dare. Then comes Buzz Lightyear, an action toy, He becomes the favorite of that little boy. Woody is hurt, and wears a long face.

Buzz flies around and takes over his space.

Across the way is a vicious kid, They're all afraid, they call him Sid. He hates toys ... guess what he did?

He chops off their heads, and tears off their legs. Then puts them together in different ways.

He blows them up and melts them down.

None of them smile, they just walk around.

All the toys take a lot of bending. But the story has a happy ending.

My parents took me and my brothers too, Next time I'd rather go to the zoo.


Michael Marron Stage Fright

I get a case of stage fright, It won't go away,

. .

I t will last the whole night.

Will I remember what to say?

Oh won't these bad thoughts just go away!!!

Will I forget to say a line? I'll do great, 1111 do just fine!

If I mess up, or make a mistake,

.I won't say the 'right lines, I will fake.

Now it is my turn to say,

The things I memorized for the play, No matter what happens, I'll be proud, And hopefully it will please the crowd!


a Waterways Project Publication