GRE Subject Biology and GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecul...

GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology and GRE Subject Biology Resource Center

A standardized test by ETS Paper-based only (no computer-based version) 180 multiple-choice questions 170 minutes 115$ in the U.S. and U.S. Territories, 140$ in all other locations

We offer 4 study materials designed by previous test-takers (current PhD students at top schools in U.S.) who scored 93% and 97%. These exam resources were prepared specifically for GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.

eBook #1:

GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Summary eBook

This eBook is a summary of three major textbooks:

1. Molecular Biology of The Cell (Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts & Walter) 2. Biochemistry (Stryer) 3. Genetics (Weaver & Hedrick)

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GRE Subject Biology and GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecul...

This eBook is a chapter-by-chapter summary of the Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics textbooks. Only topics that are relevant to the exam were summarized in this eBook. Reading thousands of pages from textbooks will cost you months of time. However, reading 62 pages of this summary eBook should take you no more than a day or two. Even if you have studied the textbooks, this eBook will be a perfect guide and study material to review your knowledge. What are the other benefits of having this eBook? Well, first of all, there are about 10-15 sales of this eBook per week - which means that many people who are going to take the GRE Subject Biochemistry test, at the same test date that you are planning to take, already have this handy refresher Summary eBook. Why should you give others any advantage over you? Why should you be one step behind them? The second reason: This Summary eBook will be useful to any Molecular Biologist or Biochemist even beyond the GRE Subject Biochemistry test - you can always go back to this nutshell reference and quickly search, by using "Search" function in the PDF file, any term or concept you want to review during your MS or PhD thesis project. This eBook also has an index, which makes the printed version of the eBook easy to navigate too. The third reason: The contents of our Summary eBook are 100% relevant to the exam topics (see ETS website). If you start reading any other textbook, say Stryer's Biochemistry for example, you will encounter many chapters that are irrelevant to the GRE Subject Biochemistry test. Even the chapters that are mainly related to the GRE Subject Biochemistry test will contain many irrelevant topics that are not worth spending your precious pre-exam time on. Therefore, by buying our Summary eBook you are not only buying a good study guide for the exam and a useful reference future academic career, but you are also buying yourself a lot of time for the exam preparation.

eBooks #2 and #3:

GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Practice Test-I and Practice Test-II

Preview the Practice Test I

Preview the Practice Test II

Two full-length tests with detailed answer keys, designed specifically for GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology preparation. If you have taken the GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology exam before, or took a look at the practice book provided by ETS, you probably noticed that there are three distinct question types on the exam. The first type we call “simple questions”. "Simple questions" are straightforward and require knowledge of basic concepts. Sometimes there is a figure or a table related to these questions. The second type is the “match questions”, in which the examinee is asked to match two terms, out of a pool of 4-5 terms. The third type we call “experiment questions”. In these types of questions, usually an experimental data is depicted either in a form of a graph or a table and then 2-4 questions related to the experimental data are asked. The proportions of the simple, match and experiment questions is roughly 125:25:35 (for a total of 180 questions). In our practice tests, we keep the same proportions for the sake of simulating the real exam conditions. All of the questions in these practice test eBook series are 100% original and will be the best help for preparation for GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology exam.

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GRE Subject Biology and GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecul...
eBook #4:

GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Hints, Tips and Tricks

An eBook gathering a handful of useful hints, tips and tricks devised by various test-takers specifically for GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.

The eBook consists of three parts: 1) Before the exam 2) The exam 3) After the exam Useful advices hints, tips and directions are given in each part. Important website links and crucial reminders, technical mistakes to avoid as well as directions to solve certain question types and subtypes are given in this eBook. The eBook is written by actual test-takers and everybody is welcome to contribute to our list of tips, hints and tricks by emailing us at or just using contact form below.

eBook Format:

Delivery methods:

PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

Ordering Information:
We accept Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal and Google Checkout. Shipping is FREE worldwide! Surely, we wouldn't charge for digital delivery... All taxes are included in the price. The eBook files will be sent to your e-mail address. You will be sent both PDF and LIT versions of the eBooks. Please contact us, if you prefer downloading the eBook files, instead of having them sent to you via e-mail.

I want the whole package!
(1) GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Summary eBook, 2nd edition (2&3) GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Practice Tests I & II (4) GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Hints, Tips and Tricks

Price for the 4 eBooks: $33

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GRE Subject Biology and GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecul...

Hurry... not much time is left... The next exam is on the 12th of April 2008. Click here to go to the ETS website's test date and registration table.
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Sample Customer Feedback About Our eBooks:

I took the exam on December 2nd. Here is what I found worked. I did do your test several times for speed along with the released exam (1999). This also gave me a reading hit list from my missed questions. I also found if I went thru the test stright, I was foggy by the time I hit the experiments - so I did them first and the matching and questions later. Reading materials. I found the lastest edition of Weaver genetics to be the most help. I would say an easy 20-40 questions were out of Weaver. Also know your definitions very, very well in all three areas. I worked carefully thru the exam and would cross out known wrongs so I had very little guessing. I would say the latest edition of Alberts is good also Chapters 15-18 were heavily tested. Stryer Biochemistry was the least helpful, most was covered in Weaver or Alberts. Schaum's outlines were of little use. Also your science website test helped also. I did those questions daily as a warm up. Going over the old test was the biggest help. That sort of gave me a reading hit list. - John

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29-Mar-08 23:01

GRE Subject Biology and GRE Subject Biochemistry, Cell and Molecul...

I have not taken the test yet, however, this far it has served me very well. The notes aren't particularly inflated with useless details but instead provide nice summaries of most of the major topics of the test and insightful additions to certian subject areas. It is much clearer than the other GRE Biochem prep books I have leafed through. The only issue I am having is that because it seems to have been based so heavily on one or two texts, the organization of the summaries doesnt always correlate well with other texts that are being studied from, simply because of the order in which things are explained/related. That is about all I can offer at this point. I am happy I purchased it though, it is a fantastic tool this far. - Shawn

I think the book is pretty good. It worked best for me as a launching pad into my other textbooks. What I mean by that is I would read your guide and if I didn't understand or wasn't familiar with a certain bullet point, I would review that topic in another text. With your guide I was able to score in the 85th percentile. I also feel like I had to cram due to my own procrastination, and could've bumped that up another 5-10% with another 4-5 days of studying using your guide. Thanks, - Daniel

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