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Power of Habit

Power of Habit

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Published by: raj on Mar 30, 2008
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The Powe r of Ha bits

We m ake o ur habit bits An d Has… ma ke us. ..

What are Habits?

Habits are acts repeated over and again till they becomes our fixed way of thinking, Evaluating and Reacting to situations in life.

Wha t are Ha bit s?
Def initi on (Oxf or d di ction ary)
1. Sett le d o r r egula r tendency 3. Pra ctic e th at is h ard to giv e up 5. Me nta l c onstitution or

HABI TS - Quotes
i. Old habits die hard HA BIT
ii. Habits are like soft cozy beds – easy to get in, difficult to get out. iii. Habits are like a thread. You keep addingthey turn into a rope. iv. Habits start by being too weak to be ‘felt’, and end up becoming too strong to be ‘left’. vii. Before you realize that you have got the habit, the habit has got you.

The P ower of Habi ts

Ensl ave us Creat e a fal se c onc epti on of reali ty. non recepti ve to good Make us counsel .

The Cycle of Habit Formation
Previous Karma Thought, desires Action Reaction Physical



Temporary pains & pleasure

Effects of Habits
• • • • • • Financial loans Loss of good health Social loss Familial loss Increase in crimes Leads to being conditioned

Eff ects o f Habit
Af fects one’ s des tiny: Sow a ... R eap an action thought Sow an acti on ...Reap a habi t Sow a habi t Sow a character ...R eap a char acter …Reap a desti ny

Freedo St imu lu m s of choice

HABI TS – can one change ?
Res pons e

i. Genetic-hereditary ii.Psychic-association/upbringing iii.Environmental-everyone does it

Break Bad Habi ts
De sir e Discr imin atio n De te rm in atio n De pen dence De -a dd ic tio n


For m G ood Habi ts
Min d Co nt ro l Shar pen In te llig enc e Eage rne ss & Ass ocia tio n Pra ye r a nd p ra ctic e Re pla ce

Pra ct ic al Tip s
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Make a resolu tion Deal wi th one at a ti me Focus Work at a mi cro level Seek expert gui dance

HABITS - Quotes
Old habits die hard

HABITS – Quotes

Habits are like soft cozy beds – easy to get in, difficult to get out.

HABITS - Quotes
• Before you realize that you have got the habit,………….. The habit has got you

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