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The Inteinet has alloweu foi many Web sites to publish news
online, but the avalanche of infoimation fails to connect with
people. 0ne of the biggest ieasons that people aie uisconnecting
fiom the news is that the mainstieam meuia nevei gives people
the whole tiuth about how oui goveinment is iun. /$%&$'((
0*''+( was cieateu to auuiess this pioblem.
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Wheieas the mainstieam meuia fails to make the connections to
lobbyists, consultants, anu outsiue contiactois in the many
coiiuption scanuals that impact goveinment anu big business,
you can count on /$%&$'(( 0*''+( to always make that
connection foi you.

/$%&$'(( 0*''+( is fighting foi a tiuly
piogiessive iefoim agenua baseu on the values
that we shoulu each of use economic gains to
help those with the least anu keep oui electeu
officials accountable to voteis at all times.
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