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Course Syllabus 2014-2015.

Common Core English 9

Course Description
The goal for this class will be to master the California English Language Arts Standards as well as important skills
and information that will help you succeed in your future. Every student will have the opportunity to achieve
and excel as you improve your reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Course Outline
Texts 2014-2015 Assessment
Of Mice and Men. John Steinbeck August Analysis Essay
Enders Game. Orson Scott Card October Argumentative Essay
Film Study + Night. Elie Wiesel December Research Essay
Pyramus and Thisbe. Ovid February Explication
The Hunger Games. Suzanne Collins April Comparison Essay
i3 Technology Project May Web Based Presentation + Oral

Course Expectations Students are expected to come to class prepared to work, learn and collaborate to
create a productive learning environment with positive class rapport.

Materials and Supplies
Black or blue pens. No pencil. Ever.
lined paper
5x8 index cards keep the pack of 100 together throughout the year.
3 ring binder with dividers

Portfolio Students are expected to maintain an organized binder to keep the work for the entire year. The
organized portfolio will be a part of your final grade.
Portfolio sections are:
Lecture Notes
Analysis Notes
Handouts organized by text
DQ Cards

Ladder of Expectations We cannot learn effectively if our classroom is not running smoothly and efficiently. If
you choose to not be on focused and on task, the following disciplinary actions will result:
Level 1: Warning
Level 2: Student seating/group change
Level 3: Conference with student and parent phone call home
Level 4: Referral to the administrators

Homework Policy Homework will be an introduction to a new concept or a review of the content learned.
Homework will be given a grade until you take an assessment to show mastery of the practiced skills. Classwork
and homework will be given a grade of zero if incomplete or not turned in.

Grading Policy Students are graded based on their mastery of the standards tested on every formative and
summative assessment. Students may receive multiple grades on one assessment since every standard
receives a separate grade. Teachers use a 4-point grading scale (4=A, 3=B, 2=C, 1=NP or Not Proficient) and
may also include 0.5 grade increments if your work is between rubric ranges. A 0 or Z will be given for any
Teacher: Kenda Haro
Room: 218
Phone: (323) 987-2144
Hours: Thursday 3:30 PM

formative or summative assessment that is missing. Overall course grades are based on a range: A (3.404.00),
B (2.703.39), C (2.002.69), NP (0.001.99).

Students will also receive Life Skills grades regarding behavior, work completion, working in groups, and
participation. Life Skills will be graded on a 4-point scale.

Late Work Policy If you are absent you may come to office hours within a week of your absence you may turn
in missing assignments. Assessments will also be given during this time. You are responsible for coming to the
entire session.
Classwork and homework will be given a grade of zero if incomplete or not turned in. Late written assignments
used as a formative or summative assessment will be given 50% of the grade if turned in late.

Mastery Learning Everyone can learn given the right circumstances because learning should be about
mastering the standards and not about how bright a person is. Mastery learning is a research-based
instructional strategy that motivates students to be accountable for their own learning. Final grades are based
on the students level of understanding of a concept or demonstration of a skill at the end of a unit or grading
period. These include summative assessments, such as tests, quizzes, benchmarks, midterm/final exams, essays,
research papers, projects, performances, and presentations. Grades for formative assessments, such as class
assignments and homework, allow students to practice their understanding/skills and are not usually included in
final grades. Students are still required to complete their class assignments and homework because this is an
opportunity for them to practice their learning and prepare for summative assessments.

For the 2014-2015 school year, students may use mastery learning opportunities to re-take summative
assessments to improve their scores and demonstrate their learning. For each class students have, they may
use their mastery learning opportunities a certain amount of times. Grades 9 and 10 have two opportunities per
semester, grade 11 one per semester, and grade 12 one per year. In order to use the opportunity, students
must do the following: (1) complete and submit the summative assessment by the assigned date and time; (2)
initiate and have a teacher-student conference within two days of receiving the grade; (3) make a plan with
the teacher of steps students will do to independently practice the standard(s), including attending teacher
office hours; and (4) retake or resubmit the standards by an agreed upon date and time not to exceed 10
calendar days from the teacher-student conference.

Cheating and Plagiarism As college-ready students, you are expected to prepare for class by completing your
assignments and studying for exams before coming to class. Cheating and plagiarizing your assignments and
assessments are unacceptable and do not contribute to your overall learning. Whether an assigned project is
in a visual, written or spoken format, students are expected to accurately reference all sources of information
consulted for the project. Students found cheating will receive zeros for the assignment or assessment, your
parents will be contacted, and you will be referred to the administrators. All students are expected to adhere
to the guidelines outlined in the Stern MASS Honor Code and Parent-Student Handbook found on the school
website and inside your student agenda.

Cell phones and electronic devices Per the Stern MASS electronic use policy unless otherwise directed, you
may not use your electronic devices (personal or school property) in class. Devices used or inappropriately
handled will be confiscated and turned in to the office. Follow the Honor Code.

Bathroom use Students may use the bathroom with the understanding that you are responsible for writing a 1
page, double spaced MLA typed essay response to the one of the following prompts:
Should teachers impose a bathroom policy for high school students?
What are the physiological repercussions of holding it?
Explain and justify why you choose not to go to the bathroom during your break.