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April 1, 2014

To: Hannah Truitt

From: Karen E Stinson
Director, School of Education
e: Admission to the School of Education
Accordin! to our records, "ou ha#e completed re$uirements for admission to the School
of Education %SoE&' Therefore, ( am pleased to inform "ou, #ia this letter, that "ou ha#e )een
officiall" admitted to the SoE, effecti#e April 1, 2014' *on!ratulations on this si!nificant
The ne,t formal step to-ard )ecomin! a teacher is admission to student teachin!' This
process is outlined in the form, .Steps to a Teachin! *areer'. Application for admission to
student teachin! is made at an orientation meetin! held in Decem)er of each fall semester for all
students -ishin! to student teach or intern durin! either semester of the ne,t academic "ear' (f
"ou ha#e an" $uestions a)out this process, please contact the *linical E,periences /ffice in 120
Doudna %phone 102344251261 or e5mail clinicale,p7u-platt'edu&'
8ou should )e proud that "ou ha#e achie#ed the milestone of admission9 ho-e#er,
remem)er that "ou still ha#e other re$uirements to meet as "ou continue in "our education
pro!ram' Amon! the re$uirements for those completin! their teacher education pro!rams after
Au!ust 41, 2004, are the :ra,is (( content tests' Upon direction from the Department of Public
Instruction, the School of Education has approved the following policies: 1) students must
pass the appropriate Prais II content test!s) before the" will be admitted to student teaching,
and #) no waivers will be granted for Prais II' Finall", it is important that "ou -or; closel"
-ith "our ad#isor as "ou proceed throu!h the pro!ram in order to ensure that "ou attain "our
ultimate !oal<a license to teach'
:lease contact the staff in the School of Education office in 14= Doudna %phone 44251140
or 1141& if "ou ha#e an" $uestions or concerns' A!ain, con!ratulations'
cc: Academic Ad#isor ? @indsa" Hollin!s-orth
P.S. This letter, along with other documents pertaining to your progress in the teacher education
program, will be re$uired for inclusion in your portfolio. Therefore, it is important that you put
this letter, copies of your PPST and Praxis II scores, and similar documents into your portfolio as
soon as you receive them, keep copies in a location where you will be able to access them at the
appropriate time, and scan them for use in your electronic portfolio. It is your responsibility to
keep track of these documents.

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