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Fifteen Top Sales Experts Share Their Insights on Sales Success by Adele Alfano Kathy Glover Scott

Sales Gurus Speak Out intention is to assist with the daily challenges you face as an evolving salesperson or as a person who sells as part of their this book you find the essential information, proven expertise and warrior wisdom of fifteen expert sales trainers, coaches and consultants.

Kathy Glover Scott is a multi-dimensional speaker and executive coach with the power to transform. She teaches and weaves together best business practices with advanced energy work to help attain powerful results with the help of reiki. Kathy is the author of the internationally acclaimed ‘Esteem’, and ‘The Successful Woman’ Canada's Diamond Coach Adele Alfano, known nationally as an inspiring speaker, heartwarming keynoter, informative seminar leader, co-publisher and author. Her monthly newsletter titled "Spread the Sparkle" has been well received all over the world

A - Attitude B - Behavior C - Competencies and also commitment D - Discipline
#6 Job satisfaction #5 Fulfill the Customer need #4 Qualify opportunities #3 Set a parameters #1 Gathers facts #2 Build a relation

• • • •

V - VISION I - INSPIRATION B - Bold action E - Excellence

#1 Clear vision

#2 effort in right direction
#3 build your strengths #4 identify your inspiration

#6 Get your vision

#5 Bold Action

• • • • • • •

Quality # 1 – Passion Quality # 2 – Goal Orientation Quality # 3 – Self-Confidence Quality # 4 – Responsibility Quality # 5 – Positive Attitude Quality # 6 – Relationship Building Quality # 7 – Perseverance

# What is price objection ?
# Where price objections come form ?

# Over

price # Prospect can’t afford it # Prospect doesn’t want to afford it

# Focus on price objection strategies

• Confirming is a destination
#1: establishing your confidence #2: Planning #3: Feature fishing #4: Presenting

First analyse yourself , organise yourself and then analyse what is your work as a sales person. Then analyse and fulfill your customer needs.

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