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In the growing global competition, the productivity is the key for the survival of any
business organization. Among different functions in an organization,
production/operations function is a vital function which does the job of value addition to
products/services; respectively maimizing the value addition automatically results in
productivity improvement. !his can be done starting from the stage of product
development and concentrating on various other intermediate tasks and finally through
implementation of proper "uality control system and maintenance of e"uipments. !his
amounts to tacking the management issues in each and every subsystem of the
production/operations function. It can be improved by the usage of suitable techni"ues
augmented with fitting algorithms for decision#making in each of the subsystems of
I have been trying to focus on this thesis about modern production management tools that
are implemented in industrial sector to improve productivity.
$ere I have been trying to describe detailed presentation on %I!&%ust 'n !ime(,)oka#
yoke,*aizen philosophy ,kanban pull process ,+vil of inventory, cellure manufacturing ,
,s,-ean manufacturing principles .
.inally I have been trying to create a model on supply chain management that describes
the benefit of pull process against push process or forecasting method./y implementing
modern production management tools in industry, we must improve the productivity of
the industry with proper "uality and on time delivery.