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Rochestown writer's first children's

book 'Perry the Playful Polar Bear'

PERRY the Playful Polar
Bear is the first chil-
dren's book by
-and journalist Olive
O'Brien and illustrated
Nina Finn-Kelcev.
the story ofPerry, i lone-
Iy polar bear cub. All Perry
wants is someone to play with.
One day, he meets a baby seal
called Sally, who is lost. The
two set off on an adventure to
find Sally's family and along
the way, Perry discovers the
true value of friendship and
Olive O'Brien is a freelance
journalist, who previously prac-
tised as a solicitor. A few years
ago, she changed career-path
and returned to university to
complete a Masters in Journal-
ism at Dublin City University.
Since then, she travelltid
around the world, during which
time she worked at Mid, Day
newspaper, Bangalore, India.
She is now back in
Rochestown and this vear she
set up her own publishing com-
pany, Silver Angel. The book is
now on sale at Douglas Book-
shop, Kinsale Bookshop, Midle-
ton Books, Fota Sheraton Hotel No. 1 in the bestsellers'list in contact the
and Fota Wildlife Park, Fitz- Douglas Bookshop. author Silver Angel Publishir
patrick's in Glounthaune, Perry the Playful Polar Bear
*- HalI M-+ ^
35, Granary
Eason's, Mahon Point and Cork may also be purchased at v;l--
and other outlets and reached and for

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