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[oolr:'Pe]ru tne Phuful Polat Beat'

FORMER solicitor, Olive O'Brien completely, completing a
has switched law books for children's Masters in Joumalism and
books with tle launch of 'Perry the then setting up her own
Playful Polar Bear', a heart-warming publishing company, Silver
tale of a lonely polar bear cub, who Angel Publishing.
just wants someone to play with.
'Perry the Playful Polar
Meeting a baby seal called Sally, the Bear' is the first release
two set off on an advenfure, where from this company.
Perry discovers the true value of
friendship and family. Joyously illustrated by
Nina Finn-Kelcey, signed
Olive worked for several years as a so- copies of Olive's book are
licitor in Cork, including a spell in available from Midleton
Cloyne, before changing career paths Books at a cost of €8.99.

NEws to snAng?.: gsa iEagri, i

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