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This Paper Presents Design of Low Power and High Speed MAC unit with Modified Wallace Multiplier
and Parallel Prefix Adder (Kogge-Stone adder) for F! filter" And it also gi#es the Co$parison of three adder
(Parallel Prefix Adder% Carr& Sa#e Adder% Carr& Select Adder' in Case of Power% Dela& and Area" Digital Signal
Processing (DSP' is a field of (t$ost i$portance as it perfor$s the processing of a digital signal" DSP techni)ues
i$pro#e signal )ualit& or extract i$portant infor$ation *& re$o#ing unwanted parts of the signal" This extraction of
the unwanted parts of the signal is possi*le with the help of filters" A Finite $pulse !esponse (F!' filters pla& a
crucial role in $an& of the signal processing applications" The output is co$puted using Multipl& And Accu$ulate
(MAC' operations" MAC is an ine#ita*le co$ponent in DSP and is used for high perfor$ance" The functionalit& of
MAC unit ena*les high+speed filtering and other processing t&pical for DSP applications"
A MAC unit consists of a $ultiplier and accu$ulator" The function of the $ultiplier is to perfor$ the $ultiplication
and these $ultiplied outputs are stored in a $e$or&" Whereas accu$ulator contains the su$ of the pre#ious
successi#e products" The $ultiplier is designed using $odified Wallace $ultiplier and the adder used is Parallel
Prefix Adder and is co$pared with Carr& Sa#e Adder and Carr& Select Adder" The pro,ect will *e i$ple$ented
using HDL"Si$ulation will *e done to #erif& the functionalit& and s&nthesis will *e done to get the
-.TLST"Si$ulation and s&nthesis will *e done using /ilinx Tools"