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Contoh Soal TOEIC Grammar dan Jawaban

1. Handle the delicate equipment with .......

A. caring
B. careful
C. care
D. carefully
2. Answering telephone calls is the ........ of an operator.
A. responsible
B. responsibly
C. responsive
D. responsibility
. A free lunch will be provided for a ....... period of time.
A. limit
B. limits
C. limited
D. limiting
!. "he president has ....... arrived in #aris and will meet the $inistry of "rade
A. still
B. yet
C. already
D. soon
%. &e have ..... for card members to receive complimentary life insurance.
A. arrange
B. arranged
C. remembered
D. reacted

'ima soal di atas masih ada lan(utannya) untu* lebih mantapnya anda bisa
mengguna*an handphone untu* mengu*ur wa*tu yang anda guna*an dalam
menger(a*an sepuluh Soal TOEIC Grammar ini. Kalau sudah dengan yang di atas silahkan
kerjakan langsung soal lanjutannya.
+. He gave a long ..... in honor of the retiring vice manager.
A. spea*
B. spea*er
C. spea*ing
D. speech

,. Are you ....... in giving some donations to help the victim of "sunami in
A. interest
B. interested
C. interesting
D. interestingly

/. 01m very concerned .... the current situation in global warming.
A. to
B. about
C. at
D. upon

2. 3o hotel ...... could be made on wee*ends because it was too full.
A. delays
B. cuisines
C. reservations
D. violations

14. "he presentation was di5cult to understand ...... he spo*e very quic*ly.
A. because
B. although
C. so that
D. than
Kalau anda membutuhkan kunci jawaban Contoh Soal TOEIC Grammar dan Jawaban ini
silahkan cek dengan jawaban yang ada berikut ini.
Kunci Jawaban
1. C. care
2. D. responsibility
. C. limited
!. C. already
%. B. arranged
+. D. speech
,. B. interested
/. B. about
2. C. reservations
14. A. because
1. Our main concern are that the machine will be uickly be outdated.
! " C #
$. The %ersonnel #e&artment has a lot o' a&&lication that has collected o(er the &ast 'i(e years.
! " C #
). *s. +ania hired a new assistant who he used to work at the bank across the street.
! " C #
,. The new em&loyee did not want to ask 'or hel& e(en though he cannot understand the
! " C #
-. The secretary does not think it is her res&onsibility to answer the &hones a'ter -&.m an I.m
! "
it.s not our.
C #
/. *r. 0ones answered the &hone 'or the manager during she went to deli(er the &aycheck.
! " C #
1. The management is &lanning to buy com&uter to organi2e all the com&any.s 'ile
! " C #
3. *r. 4iesman like his co''ee with the sugar and a little milk.
! " C #
5. The good news about the new &roject ha(e 'inally arri(ed.
! " C #
16. !ll em&loyees would be e(aluated by the ins&ectors at the end o' this job.
Contoh Soal Latihan Gerund dan Pembahasan
1 I dislike to go / going the mo(ies by mysel'.
$ 4e started eating/ to eat dinner without you.
) I can7t imagine buying my own house.
, I used go watch that tele(ision show all o' the time.
- I always eat break'ast be'ore to go / going to school.
/ 4hen do you &ractise playing the &iano8
1 *y grandmother &re'ers reading / to read science 'iction books.
3 9ou need to study harder this year.
5 I am used to seeing her in a bad mood.
16 :a(e you talked to the dentist about to clean/ cleaning your teeth8

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