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FROM: Tim Miller, Executive Director, America Rising PAC

TO: Interested Parties

SUBJECT: Top 10 Reasons Why Clinton 2016 = Obamas Third Term

Hillary Clinton has a Barack Obama problem.
As President Obamas poll numbers crater Hillary Clinton has made several awkward, failed attempts
to separate herself from his administration. Bizarrely, these attempts have been largely in the area of
foreign policy, despite the fact that she spent four years as his Secretary of State effusively praising his
leadership and policy decisions.
There wasnt a single signature issue during his administration foreign or domestic where she
publicly offered the slightest whiff of criticism. Obamas policies are her policies. So much so that she
is even the Mother of Obamacare. The Obama Administration used the Clinton campaigns health
care plan as the basis for Obamacare to a far greater degree that it did the Presidents own campaign
No matter how many of her advisors whisper to reporters that shes different from Barack Obama,
Americans still know who she is: Barack Obama Part Deux.
What follows is a look at just a few of the reasons why a Clinton Administration will be the same as
Obamas, but the examples we have are infinite because on issue after issue Sec. Clinton is an Obama
So dont let your news outlet be fooled by the endless phalanx of self-serving, anonymous Clinton
aides. The evidence that a Hillary Clinton White House would be nothing more than a 3rd Obama
term is clear in their records.
#1: Clinton showered praise on Obamas leadership abilities
As she left the State Department, Clinton triumphantly declared that under President
Obamas leadership, America was stronger at home and more respected in the world.

Secretary Hillary Clinton, Remarks On American Leadership At The Council On Foreign Relations, Remarks, Washington, DC, 1/31/13

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And though she seeks distance from his legacy today, she once argued that history would cast
Obama in a positive light, saying I believe that President Obama, when history looks at what
he did, will get enormous credit.
In speech after speech, prior to his declining poll numbers,
Clinton repeatedly, and effusively praised Obamas leadership.
#2: Clinton specifically singled out Obamas foreign policy leadership for praise
saying he passed with flying colors every leadership challenge
In a 2011 interview, citing Libya, Iraq, and other foreign policy decisions made by Obama,
Clinton echoed the Presidents re-election campaign, crowing, President Obama has passed
with flying colors every leadership challenge.

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#3: Clinton was a big part of Obamas foreign policy failures in Russia, Libya,
Syria, and other parts of the world
In Russia, Clinton was the face of the Administrations failed Reset policy that has left Putin
more belligerent to U.S. interests than ever.
She was the leading advocate for military action in
Libya, bragging we set into motion a policy that was on the right side of history, on the right
side of our values, on the right side of our strategic interests in the region. The nation has
since seen the rise of Islamic militias and poses a greater national security threat to the United
States than under Gaddafi.

In Syria, Clinton defended the Presidents redline punt seeking congressional authorization
before confronting Assad, a man she had once branded a reformer.
Just last week, Secretary
Kerry confirmed that Assad had violated the Obama-Clinton-backed chemical weapons accord
he had agreed to in order to avoid U.S. air strikes.
The list goes on and on.

Hillary Clinton, Remarks at Townterview, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 11/2/10
NBCs Meet The Press,10/23/11
Ashley Killough, Clinton Criticizes Romneys Remarks On Russia, CNN, 4/1/12
Joby Warrick, Clinton Credited With Key Role In Success Of NATO Airstrikes, Libyan Rebels, The Washington Post, 10/30/11
Catalina Camia, Hillary Clinton Backs Obama To Seek Approval To Syria, USA Today, 9/3/13; CBS Face The Nation, 3/27/11
Kerry: Syrias Assad Has Violated Chemical Arms Pact By Using Chlorine Gas, Agence Free Presse, 9/18/14
Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated the obvious last week when he said
the presidents record on foreign policy is something she is more likely to embrace [more]
than anything because she was a big part of it.

#4: Just recently, Clinton defended Obamas handling of ISIS
While unnamed Clinton aides seek to distance her from Obamas indecisiveness toward ISIS
in Syria and Iraq, it was the top named source, Clinton herself who defended him in June,
saying The United States should not be committed to doing very much at all unless we have a
clearer understanding, adding that theres a lot of unanswered questions before I'd be in
favor of doing anything more than the President.

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#5: Clinton and her top surrogate both strongly praised Obamas economic record
Clinton has praised the extraordinary leadership by the President and the economic team and
patted Obama on the back, saying, thanks to the economic policies that were pursued by the
President and endorsed by the Congress we are in a much stronger economic position than
we were.

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And while Hillary Clinton touts the 1990s economy, the architect, Bill Clinton, made the case
for sticking with Obamas economic policies maybe even better than Obama himself. During
his 2012 DNC speech former President Clinton argued that Obamas policies had laid the
foundation for a modern, more well- balanced economy that will produce millions of good new
jobs. He asked delegates the age-old question, are we better off than we were when he took
office? answering with a resounding Yes! Clinton promised Americans they will feel the
economic recovery with Obamas re-election.

Peter Hamby, Carney: Obama Would Give More Speeches If Networks Would Let Him, CNN, 9/10/14
Hillary Clinton, Remarks At BIO International Conference, San Diego, CA, 6/25/14
Secretary Hilllary Clinton, Remarks At The 12th Annual Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Washington, DC, 10/6/10; Secretary Hillary Clinton,
Remarks On the Obama Administration's National Security Strategy, Washington, DC, 5/27/10
Former President Bill Clinton, Remarks, Democratic National Convention, 9/5/12
#6: Shes a pivotal backer of ObamaCare, who will step on the gas in
implementing the unpopular law.
Clinton was critical to the passage of ObamaCare, pivotal in key Cabinet meetings, even
whipping lawmakers to stick with the President in tight votes.
Moving forward, former HHS
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius predicts Clinton would step on the gas when it comes to
implementing Obamacare.
And her 2008 campaign plan was actually closer to the
ObamaCare law than Obamas 2008 campaign plan.
In fact, during a 2008 Democratic primary debate, Obama said Let's take health care. About
95 percent of our plans are similar. He pointed out the key difference: She believes that we
have to force people who don't have health insurance to buy it. Once he became President,
however, Obama incorporated Clintons approach, by adopting the individual mandate.

#7: Clinton, like Obama, is pandering to environmental donors on the Keystone XL
Pipeline, backs Obamas EPA regulations and cap and trade legislation
Clinton, whose State Department had purview over the Keystone XL pipeline, like Obama,
punted on the issue. After refusing to approve the pipeline, she has repeatedly dodged the
question, claiming she cant respond and saying it wouldnt be appropriate to comment on
the pipeline.

In 2009, Clinton and Obama failed to pass a strong and comprehensive global climate change
treaty at a U.N. Summit.
Today, she backs Obamas EPA regulations saying she is really
proud of President Obama for these new EPA regulations.

#8: Clinton will put politics first when it comes to Immigration policy
Just as Obama delayed executive action on immigration reform for nakedly political reasons,
Hillary Clinton will place politics above achieving something on the same issue.
On a rope
line following the Harkin Steak Fry, Clinton repeatedly dodged questions about Obamas
decision, proving that she, like the President, will only offer empty promises and continue to
politicize the issue.

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#9: Clinton defends Obamas management abilities, disputing the notion that
Senatorial experience is not a good background for executive management

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, HRC, 2014, p. 175; Mark Landler and Helene Cooper, After a Bitter Campaign, Forging An Alliance, The New York
Times, 3/19/10
Kathleen Sebelius, Remarks at Aspen Ideas Festival 2014, Denver, CO, 6/28/14
Barack Obama, 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, Los Angeles, CA, 1/31/08
Craig Offman, Q&A With Hillary Clinton: Stand For Your Values On The Hard Choices, The Globe And Mail, 6/15/14
Juliet Eilperin and Anthony Faiola, Climate Deal Falls Short Of Key Goals, The Washington Post, 12/19/09
Hillary Clinton, Remarks at Chicago Ideas Week, Chicago, IL, 6/11/14
Cassie Spodak, Jim Acosta and Ralph Ellis, Obama: Waiting Will Make Immigration Executive Action 'More Sustainable, CNN, 9/7/14
Clinton Dodges On Obama Immigration Delay, RisingResponse, Uploaded 9/14/14
In a June 2014 interview, CNBCs John Harwood pressed Clinton on whether there was a
management deficit at the top of the Obama Administration, noting that it had been led by
three former Senators, in Obama, Biden and herself. Clinton responded Oh, you don't expect
me to agree with that, do you? with a laugh. But as Harwood noted, It may not be the last
time she gets that question.

#10: Obama basically said that Hillary Clintons election would be a continuation of
his presidency into a third term, with Joe Biden awkwardly standing next to him
Earlier this year, President Obama basically spelled out that Hillary Clintons election would be
a continuation of his presidency, before being asked the third term question and backtracking,
saying I dont want necessarily to jam them up.
OBAMA: I know that weve got an extraordinary Secretary of State who did great
service for us and worked with me and Joe to help make the country safer. Whoever the
Democratic standard bearer is, is going to be continuing to focus on jobs, making sure
that our kids are getting a great education, making sure that were rebuilding prosperity
from the middle class out in this country, and I am very much interested in making sure
that some of the stuff that weve gotten started continues.
CBSS MAJOR GARRETT: It sounds like youre describing, whoever the candidate
would be, would be running for a third term of the Obama presidency or an extension of
the Obama presidency.
OBAMA: I dont want to start, I dont want necessarily to jam them up.

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John Harwood, Shes Gone From Foggy Bottom, But Chaos Still Hurts Hillary Clinton, CNBC, 6/30/14
CBSs This Morning, 4/17/14

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