Bruised love

Bruised and hurt, I made my way over to the end of the hall. The door locked. The water ran. And I let myself Be washed away In a shower of loneliness. As I emerged, From my sanctuary The cold engulfed me As I made my way out And stepped into The reality of the world. My dreams disappeared And I, Was forced to once again To see the harsh grains Of truth in life. I was pulled, Out of my dream world And dragged back To the ways of reality. And as I stagger Through the tribulations of My everyday life, I always stop To think And to wonder If I will ever dissolve And gain the happiness That I crave and desire? But through the day And as time goes on, I do start to see, That I am the one. I, Am in charge Of my own destiny. I, Can make things happen. It does not hurt me to dream, But yes, It does hurt, When those dreams are made To disintegrate In front of my eyes. With that in mind, I again, Make my way over, To the end of the hall… The door locks. The water runs. And I again, Wash away, In a shower of loneliness.

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