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Durability Advertisements often imply that vinyl siding is permanent. It is true that vinyl will last a very long time. (That's why it is so difficult to dispose of safely.) In extreme weather, however, vinyl is less durable than wood and masonry. Violent wind can get underneath the thin sheets of vinyl siding and lift a panel from the wall. Windblown debris and strong hail can puncture vinyl. New developments are making vinyl is stronger and less brittle, but the plastic sheets will still crack or break if struck by a lawnmower or snowblower. Damage cannot be patched; you will need to replace a panel. Maintenance Unlike wood and masonry, vinyl siding presents its own breed of maintenance worries. Moisture trapped beneath the vinyl siding will accelerate rot, promote mold and mildew, and invite insect infestations. Left uncorrected, dampness in the walls will cause wallpaper and paint inside the house to blister and peel.

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Beauty, value, low-maintenance & resistant to about anything Mother Nature can throw at it, fiber cement really is the siding of choice.
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Non-Combustible 50-Year Warranty Rot resistant Impervious to Termites Non-Toxic to inhabitants Resistant to Warping & Shrinking Mill NOT melt with Exposure to Heat Source Highly Durable and Resistant to Minor Impact Resistant to Rain, Hail, Snow and SUn Real Wood Grain look and Feel. Easily Painted Easily painted Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly P rovide d by Jam es h ardie

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Color Vinyl is available in more colors than ever before, and new vinyl siding does not fade as quickly as older vinyl. Also, the pigmentation is baked through instead of applied to the surface, so vinyl won't show scratches. Nevertheless, depending on the quality of vinyl you buy, expect some fading after five years or so. Jackie Craven is a widely published writer who specializes in architecture, home design, and travel.