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The Painting Norma d’aguilar/Rock Hill Sc Fade in: Ext. Fishing

The Painting Norma d’aguilar/Rock Hill Sc Fade in: Ext. Fishing

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Published by patsyis

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Published by: patsyis on Dec 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE PAINTINGNORMA D’AGUILAR/ROCK HILL SCFADE IN:EXT. FISHING VILLAGE HARBOR STREET 1935 – DAYSeven wailing WOMEN made their way through the village tothe home of a woman named AMBER BROWN.INT.AMBER’S HOMEAmber hears loud knocking at her door; she throws herknitting aside and runs to open the door. She goes on thestep to meet the women.WOMENThe sea has taken them all.They are all dead at sea.Your husband and all the menare dead.Amber screams and faints on the step. She opens her eyes tocold water being sprayed from a garden hose in her face byone of the screaming women. Amber yells and covers her facewith both hands.AMBERIt’s my fault. He went awayfrom home angry because I didn’twant to have the baby.Amber walks backward inside the house. The women followAmber inside her house. They push her to the couch and runsout to the street wailing. Amber sits screaming on hercouch. She holds Samuel’s photo at arms length.
AMBER (to photo)Why did you do this to me? Is thisAmber contdyour way of punishing me?Amber gets up from her seat and hugs the photo to herchest. She walks about the house clutching the photo andsobbing. The photo is red hot and Amber drops it to thecarpet.AMBER (VO)You never allow me to saya word to you before you walkaway out the door.FLASHBACK TO:PREVIOUS DAYSAMUEL, 50, holds AMBER, 35 around the waist as they waltzto music candle lights in the living room. They are nowmarried two months and Samuel takes a break from his manyfishing trips.SAMUELI hate to go back to the evilrough seas and lights thatflashes in our eyes from theghost ships. It’s going to behard leaving you. AMBERYou never mention those ghostsbefore. What are you telling me?You must be drinking rum with yourfriends again.Samuel leads his wife to the sofa and hugs her again. Hekisses her lips. Amber trembles and clenches her fistsunder her chin. She moves away.AMBERStop your ghost tales. They makeme nervous. And I really don’tbelieve you.
Samuel walks to the fireplace and picks up the brokenpainted oar leaning there. Suddenly he throws it away fromhim as it burns his hands leaving blisters. He hides hishands behind him. SAMUELYou must believe me. It’s true.The seas become rough andbounces the boat all overthe sea. The old ships appearand disappear. The men hashot fever as the lights flasheson us. The men can’t talkwhen it happens and gets dumb.AMBERWhy are we talking about ghosts?SAMUELBecause some of my crew refuseto go with me again. I have all newmen to teach. The ghosts are near theold lighthouse on the quay.Amber jumps up and walks away. She looks back at herhusband. His face is distorted and twitching and his bodyjerks. Amber runs to his side.AMBERWhat’s the matter? Why areyou doing that? Stop it now!You’re scaring me with thatlook on your face.Samuel holds both hands to hide his face. Amber sees thebig blisters on his hands and backs away.AMBERWhat is all that? Where did itcome from on your hands? Talk tome!SAMUELWhat I am doing? Come, let’stalk about making our family.Why are you so jumpy? My hands

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