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Small Group Leader Training Needs (More Detail)

1. Vision & Values & Goals

The Vision:
Using the small group “teams” (basic Christian communities) at Harvest
as the vehicle for accomplishing the Church vision

Values (Helping groups live out)

Being devoted to prayer (as a team)

Discipleship (as a team)

Being united around one philosophy of ministry (as a team)

Atmosphere of warmth and nurturing (as a team)

Seeker sensitivity (in teams based group stage: ie “outreach”)

Intentionality (as a team)

2. Team vs. Group

Teams would have a Common purpose of
Worshiping God well (Discipleship) and

communicating His love to others (Evangelism)

Teams would have Appropriate Roles defined



Disciple Maker


Type A & Type B Unbeliever

Teams would have Accepted Leadership

Team Leader

Team Leader Apprentice

Teams would have Effective Plans & Methonds

Groups Stages

Community Building

Evangelize, Establish, Equip & Deploy

Equipping Track

Establish Track (Growing)

Evangelize Track (Reaching)

Equip & Deploy Track (Making Disciples)

Leadership Track (Small Group Training)

Cultivation Points

Teams would build bridges to the lost

Harvest Events

The church would help mobilize team to participate in

Cultivation of Lost People for Event

Inviting Lost People

Following Up & Assimultion

3. Healthy Group Dynamics

Healthy Small Group Communication

Facilitation Skills

Communication Guidelines

Speak Personally

Talk Directly
Listen Actively

Share Currently

Take Responsibility

Leading the Group towards Vision

Share the Vision times at the end of the Group

Pray for the Lost

Discuss Equipping Track Progress

Discussion Cultivation Events

Discuss Harvest Events

4. Strategy (Establish, Equip, & Deploy)

How do I use the equipping track to establish?

Equip & Deploy

How do I use the equipping track to equip & deploy?

5. Group Lifecycle & Stages

What stages does a group need to pass through?
Community Building

Evangelize, Establish, Equip & Deploy (see chart)

6. Equipping Track
Establish (Growing) Objectives

Evangelize (Reaching) Objectives

Equip & Deploy (Making Disciples) Objectives

Group Leadership (Multiplication) Objectives

7. Prayer & Harvest Events
Learning how to pray for the lost

Learning how to prepare for a harvest event

8. Multiplication
Raising up disciple maker apprentices to be team leaders

Apprentice Training