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PediaSure bets on young & smart

moms to take on the big

Siva Krishna
Source: Brand Equity, 9/JUL/2014

Mothers play different roles in the lives of
Junior Horlicks, for instance, is closely linked to
its mother brand.
Bournvita Li'l Champs too flaunts celebrity
mom Kajol as its brand ambassador.
But for Pediasure, what really matters is not
the name but the mothers themselves.
They are trying to Winning the hearts and
minds of moms.

Pediasure has overtaken GSK's Junior Horlicks
to become the largest brand in urban India in
the Rs 600 crore toddler health food drink
The strategy: directing its communication at
young mothers and a sharp focus on the fussy
eating habits of children.
Great product, relevant positioning and a
marketing strategy that engages young
mothers these are the reasons why
PediaSure is consistently leading the category
SureMoms, a programme to educate and counsel
parents to identify signs of fussy eating and guide
them on how to make mealtimes more
interesting through a 6-step process.
In 2013, it reached over 2 lakh mothers across
the country.
A toll-free helpline continues to offer free
nutritional counselling, apart from engaging
moms on social media and via the SureMoms